Hello!  Our stock list of new products should now be correct — apologies for the delay. Our 2nd hand section may not be up-to-date and we have new 2nd hand to add so this will be a little while before it's correct, please bear with us!

New stock

Name Format Author Notes or Web Link Image
21 Easy English Country Dances Book + CD CDSS
Dancing the Whole Dance: Positional Calling for Contra Book Louise Siddons
Dancing the Whole Dance:ECD Book Brooke Friendly
Music from Mill Hollow CD + Book Randy Miller
A Lockdown Dance Collection Book Jack Brown A series of dances written in Lockdown
Green Jay CD Goldcrest To go with Joseph Pimentel's book
Dutch Callers Choice 3 CD Triple Time

Other news

Sales of secondhand stock have been very successful and we intend to continue this type of sale. We cover expenses but proceeds after this go to support NYFTE and other folk organisations.

If you have any items you wish to donate please contact us by email
Following on from this years successful festival attendances for us with Folksales, we will be at Lichfield and Southam again next year (2024)
Good News! The Greenjay CD has been ordered and those on our list will be informed once it arrives
Thank you to all who have supported us since we took over Folksales, it has been a steep learning curve and we have appreciated the support and advice.