This is where we will tell you about new stock, festivals we plan to attend, and anything else we think you ought to know!

New stock

NameFormatAuthorNotes or Web LinkImage
Captain Cook's Country DancesBook + CDHeather
At Home with Deo VolenteBook + CDVictoria Yeomans and Deo
Philippe Callens' booksBookWe have most of Philippe Callens books back in stock and the Stock page listing these should now be up-to-date.

Other news

We've recently come into a large amount of 2nd hand stock which has been added to the stock list.  Currently with no prices, some things are almost new, others are older and more well used; prices will be added at next update, but until then offers will be considered.  All second hand stock is filed with "2ndH" at the start so if you want to search through just second hand stock, put this into the filter.
We are very hopeful that festivals may well begin to be run on a more face-to-face basis.  Hopefully enough of us will feel safe post immunisation to venture out and re-start dancing and music.
New stock of 'The Green Jay Collection' has arrived, and we also have stock of the new CD by the Dancehall Players — 'Out of The Silence' arrived and ready for shipping.
Thank you to all who have supported us this year; it has been a greater challenge than expected and we really appreciate the advice and support the folk world has provided.