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Product NameMediaUnitsInStockUnitPriceBand/Author
Decade of New AssemblyBook£3.50
A Decade of New AssemblyCD£10
Airs 'n' DancesBook1£3.50Elsie Watson
Airs 'n' DancesCD£10Steve Hunt
Airs 'n' Dances 2Book1£3.50Elsie Watson
Airs 'n' Dances 2CD1£10Orions Ring
Airs 'n' Dances 3Book1£3.50Elsie Watson
Airs 'n' Dances 3CD0£10Orions Ring
Dances of Peggy SamuelBook1£2.50Peggy Samuel
Dances of Peggy SamuelCD1£11.50Orions Ring
Dances from 1791Book1£1.75Pat Woods (Fan Dances)
Dances from 1794Book1£1.75Pat Woods (Fan Dances)
Music from the FansCD£12.50Steve Hunt
Dances from 1792Book4£2.70S & R Hunt (Fan Dances)
Dances from 1792CD3£11.50Orions Ring
A Few for FunBook3£15Valerie Webster
A Few for My FriendsBook1£3.50Valerie Webster
A Few for My FriendsCD5£10Orions Ring
FlipsideCD0£15Orions Ring
Go with the FlowBook2£7Rosemary Hunt
Go with the FlowCD1£8Steve Hunt
Dance Music of Ignatius SanchoCD2£12Orions Ring
LinkesBook3£3.50Elsie Watson
Margaret's MementoesBook3£4.50Margaret Franklin
Margaret's MementoesCD3£9Orions Ring
More DedicationsCD2£12.50Orions Ring
New Wine in Old BottlesCD1£10Orions Ring
The Sidmouth CollectionBook5£3.50Audrey Laver
The Sidmouth CollectionCD5£11.50Orions Ring
The Sidmouth Collection Vol 2Book1£3.50Audrey Laver
The Sidmouth Collection Vol 2CD0£11.50Orions Ring
The Sidmouth Collection Vol 3Book1£4.50Audrey Laver
The Sidmouth Collection Vol 3CD0£12Orions Ring
Something Old and Something NewBook2£3
Something Old and Something NewCD0£12
What's NewBook0£4Charles Bolton
What's NewCD0£10
Dutch Callers ChoiceCD1£14Triple Time
Dutch ComfortCD£14
2ndH Dutch CrossingCD1£5Wild Thyme
English or Double Dutch Vol 1Book1£8Cor Hogendijk
English or Double Dutch Vol 2Book£3.40
English or Double Dutch Vol 3Book1£6.75Cor Hogendijk
English or Double DutchCD£13
Holland As Seen Eng C/DanceBook£7
Oe Moe Me NoeBook1£4.50Aegle Hoekstra
Oe Moe Me NoeCD2£13Aegle Hoekstra
Pat Shaw and MoreCD2£14Triple Time
Triple DutchBook£5.20
C/Dance Fav for Schools Vol1CD/Book1£14.50
C/Dance Fav for Schools Vol 2CD/Book2£14.50
C/Dance Party£14.50
Antwep AnticsBook1£6
Belgian BoutadesBook4£6.50Philippe Callens
Both Sides of the AtlanticBook5£5Philippe Callens
Both Sides of the AtlanticCD1£13The Little Tinkers
Continental CapersBook5£6.50Philippe Callens
Contra Dance BookBook£13
Stepping Around Prehistoric WiltshireCD1£10Orion's Ring
From a Belgian Yankee CallerBook1£16Philippe Callens
Red Star LineCD£15
2nd H Seasons of InventionBook0£3Philippe Callens
Seasons of InventionCD1£15Joyful Mustard
4 Potatoes and a Few More NotesBook2£5Mik Lammers
Amaryllis in ConcertCD£5Amaryllis
2ndH 75th Anniversary of RSCDS London BranchCD1£4RSCDS
Here There and EverywhereCD£10
Kentucky Running SetBook1£2
Mendhams Maytime — Duet BookBook1£4Geoff Mendham
Mendhams MaytimeCD£10
Purcell Dance TunesBook1£4Amaryllis
Apples and PairsBook1£5Peggy Hazel
Band WagonBook1£3Barry Moule
Barn n Country DancingBook3£3.50
Barn Dance BookBook1£10.50John Reay
Barn Dance FiestaBook1£3.50Ring O Bells
Barn Dance FiestaCD1£13Ring O Bells
Barn Dance HoedownBook2£3.50Ring O Bells
Barn Dance HoedownCD1£13Ring O Bells
Barn Dance PartyBook£3.50
Barn Dance Party — with CallerCD2£13Ring O Bells
Barn Dance Saturday NightBook2£3.50Ring O Bells
Barn Dance Saturday NightCD1£13Ring O Bells
Barn n Country DancingCD1£13
Ceilidh Saturday NightBook1£3.50Ring O Bells
Ceilidh Saturday NightCD£13Ring O Bells
Dancing DollsBook1£5Peggy Hazel
Eng. C/ Dance PartyBook1£3.50
Eng. C/ Dance PartyCD2£13
2ndH FireworksBook1£1Peggy Hazel
Georgian Dance PartyBook£4Ring o Bells
Georgian Dance PartyCD£13.50Ring O Bells
Going Like the ClappersBook1£4.50Peggy Hazel
Hoedown HootenannyBook2£4Ring O Bells
Hoedown HootenannyCD2£13.50Ring O Bells
Hoedown Saturday NightBook3£3.50Ring O Bells
Hoedown Saturday NightCD2£13Ring O Bells
Hoop-laBook2£4.50Peggy Hazel
Kentish HopsBook£6.50
Kentish HopsCD£13Ring O Bells
Irish Ceili Dance PartyBook2£3.50Ring O Bells
Irish Ceili Dance PartyCD3£13Ring O Bells
La FressinetteBook3£5.25Eric Limet
Norfolk CapersBook1£6.50Peggy Hazel
Scottish Country Dance PartyBook2£5Ring o Bells
Scottish Country Dance PartyCD1£13Ring O Bells
Barn Dance ShindigCD1£13.50Ring O Bells
SnookeredBook2£5Peggy Hazel
Square Dance PartyBook1£4Ring O Bells
Square Dance PartyCD1£13.50Ring O Bells
Square Dance Sat NightBook1£3.50Various
Square Dance Sat NightCD1£13Ring O Bells
Square MealBook1£4.50Peggy Hazel
Wow What a PartyBook£3.50
Wow What a PartyCD£13
Boston Favourites 1CD£13.50Bare Necessities
Boston Favourites 2. More FavouritesCD1£13.50Bare Necessities
Boston Favourites 3. Simple PleasuresCD1£13.50Bare Necessities
Boston Favourites 4. Modern TreasuresCD1£13.50Bare Necessities
Boston Favourites 5. At HomeCD2£13.50Bare Necessities
Boston Favourites 6. At the BallCD£13.50
Boston Favourites 7. By RequestCD1£13.50Bare Necessities
Boston Favourites 8. By ChoiceCD1£13.50Bare Necessities
Boston Favourites 9. Strong RootsCD£13.50Bare Necessities
Boston Favourites 10. New ShootsCD1£13.50Bare Necessities
Boston Favourties 11. A New English BallCD1£13.50Bare Necessities
Boston Favourites 12. Playford BallCD0£13.50Bare Necessities
Boston Favourites 13. Mrs Beveridge's TriumphCD1£13.50Bare Necessities
Boston Favourites 14. Invitation to WaltzCD2£13.50Bare Necessities
Boston Favourites 15. Fast FriendsCD2£13.50Bare Necessities
2ndH Give and TakeBook£10Larry Jennings
Interview with a VamperBook0£12.50P Barnes
Little Couple DansemusikBook£15
Sound of SilenceCDDancehall Players
English Country Dance Tunes — Barnes 1Book4£16Barnes
English Country Dance Tunes — Barnes 2Book3£16Barnes
Rainy Night LizardsCD£12.50
Fun Folk Dances + CassBk/cass£6.95
Fun Folk Dances +cdBk/CD£9.95
Rig a Jig Jig Vol 1 + CDBk/CD£11.95
Rig a Jig Jig Vol 2 +cdBk/ CD£11.95
Social Dance + CDBk/CD£15
King of Norton CanesBook£3
King of Norton Canes (Songs)Book£2
Live at the StarsBook£5
Make Your Own Jig DollBook£3
Mummers PlayBook£3
Plough Jags PlayBook£3
Song from Mothers KneeCass£5
Swing Your PartnersCD£9
Trad Folk D'ce Young PeopleBook£4
Trad Folk D'ce Young PeopleCass£6
After MidniteBook2£6.95Gordy Euler
Boston Centre — at the Ball Vol 6Book2£6.75Cornelius & Attanasio
Bad Hair DecadeBook2£5.50Tom Hinds & Friends
Balance and SwingBook£13.50
Black Isle MusicBook1£5Keith Murphy
Boston Centre — By Choice Vol 8Book1£6.75Cornelius & Attanasio
Boston Centre — By Request Vol 7Book2£6.75Cornelius & Attanasio
Calling New England SquaresBook2£6Tom Hinds
Calling Traditional New England SquaresBk/CD0£18.50Ted Sannella
Cardinal CollectionBook£8
Century Contras 21stBook2£5.75Devin Nordson
Choice Selection of Am Rev EraBook1£8.50
Clog Dancers ChoiceCass1£1Bob Dalsemer
Complete C/D Tunes — BarlowBook£21.50
Contra D. from New HampshireBook0£8.80
Country Dance from Colonial New YorkBook0£10.65
Cracking ChestnutsBook£12.50
Curvey Rd Corinth/Reckless RlBook£14
Dance All Day Too!Book1£6.50Tom Hinds
Dance All Night 2Book2£6.50Tom Hinds
Dance All Night 3Book2£5.50Tom Hinds
Dances in Time Vol2Book3£8.50Don Flaherty
Dance Parties for BeginnersBook1£11.25Ed Butenhof
Dances from Confused Callers PdaBook1£6.50Tom Hinds
Dream DancesBook2£9.40Don Flaherty
Boston Centre — Fast Friends Vol 15Book2£6.75Cornelius & Attanasio
Boston Centre — Favourites of the ( Vol 1)Book2£8.75Cornelius & Attanasio
Fingers DancingBk/CD1£12.95Bob Pasquarello
George Washington –musicBook1£5.75Kate Van Winkle Keller
Give Me a BreakBook0£5Tom Hinds
Hudson Barn Vol 2Book£6.45
Jurassic RedheadsBook1£8Carol Ormond
Lizard Research InstituteBook1£7.20Carol Ormond
Midwest Folklore + OthersBook1£11.50Ed. Eric Orace Johnson
Minuets,Cottilions and Early AmBook£8
Boston Centre — Modern Treasures Vol 4Book2£6.75Cornelius & Attanasio
Boston Centre — Vol 2 More Favourites of theBook2£5.60Cornelius & Attanasio
Music to My SpiritBook1£9.50Don Flaherty
New Country Dances from Maine 1795Book2£6.25Van Winkle Keller & Fogg
Boston Centre — New English Ball Vol 11Book2£8.50Cornelius & Attanasio
New England  Contra Dance MusicCD1£13.95Salmonberry
New River TrainBook1£15.50
Boston Centre — New Shoots — Vol 10Book4£6.75Cornelius & Attanasio
No Kissing Allowed in SchoolBook0£6Von Winkle Keeler & Fogg
No Rest for the WickedBook2£6.25Tom Hinds & Friends
One:fourCD2£12.50Old New England
On the BeatBook1£19.50Ralph Sweet & Nils Fredland
PinewoodsBook3£8.50Pat Shaw
Playford AssemblyBook1£28Graham Christian
Playford BallBook3£20Van Winkle Keller & Shimer
Regency BallroomCD£12.50
Rhonda's RomanceBook3£5.50Michael Barraclough
Richmond Assemblies 1790 to 1797Book2£5.25Van Winkle Keller & Fogg
Rise Up SingingBook£15
Rounds GaloreBook£9.65
Shadracks DelightBook1£8.50Tony Parkes
Boston Centre — Simple Pleasures Vol 3Book2£6.75Cornelius & Attanasio
Slapping the WoodBook2£12Don Flaherty
Son of ShadrackBook3£6.50Tony Parkes
Sq. Dances Yankee Callers Clip..Book£8.50
Boston Centre — Strong Roots Vol 9Book1£8.75Cornelius & Attanasio
Swing the NextBook£22.50
Talking FeetBook1£9.25Mike Seeger
Twice As NiceBook2£11.50Melanie Axel-lute
Twiddles, Twists, and ConundrumsBook3£5.15Reel Nutmeg & Friends
Waltz BookBook1£9.75Bill Matthiesen
Waltz Book IIBook1£9.40Bill Matthiesen
Waltz Book IIIBook1£9.40Bill Matthiesen
Welcome in the SpringBk/CD1£10Paul Kerlee
Zesty ContrasBook1£11.50Larry Jennings
Boston Centre — At Home Vol 5Book2£9.25Cornelius & Attanasio
Dance to Tunes B. JenkinsBook3£1
Early One MorningBook£3.50
Hunters MoonBook£4
Hunters MoonCass1£2Wild Thyme
Knot UntiesBook£1
Playford StyleBook£4.50
So You Want to Play B/DanBook£1.50
Chimes of DunkirkBk/cass£15.50
Jump Jim JoeBk/cass£15.50
Milverton DancesBook£3.50
Ronda Alla TurkaCass£2
82 Key Street OrganCass1£1Carl Frei
Callers Choice 1Book5£0.50Various
Callers Choice 2Book3£0.50Various
Captains CeilidhBook1£3Various
CDM 2Book£15
CDM 4Book£1.99
CDM 5Book£1.99
CDM 7Book£1.99
CDM 1 –7Book£19.95
Country Dance Book 3/4Book£5.99
Country Dance Book 5/6Book0£6Cecil Sharp
Fallibroome 2Book£3.95
Fallibroome 3Book£3.95
Fallibroome 5 — English Country DancesBook1£3.95Efdss & B J Bentley
In with Both FeetBook£2.75
Maggot PieBook2£3.50Efdss
Pat Shaw Dances Vol 1Book£2.25
Pat Shaw Dances Vol 2Book£2.25
Pat Shaw Dances Vol 3Book£2.25
Ralph Page Bk of ContrasBook1£3.50Ralph Page
Classic English Folk SongsBook£14.99
Dear CompanionBook£14.99
More Song from LincolnshireBook£5
Ploughboys GloryBook£2
Still GrowingBook£12.99
Travellers JoyBk/CD£18.50
Chord SupplementBook£1.99
Anglo Concertina Music of William KimberBK2£17.50Dan Worrall
Pat Shaw Melodies Vol 4Book3£2.25Various
Pat Shaw Melodies Vol 5Book3£2.25Various
Popular Selection 1Book4£1Efdss
Popular Selection 2Book£3.50
Clog MusicCass£8.50
Dancing FolkDVD/CD£20
Dance to Your DaddyCD3£13.95Efdss
English Traditional DancingBK & CD1£23Wendy Knight
English Traditional DancingCD1£12.50Efdss
English Trad. Dancing SetBk/CD£23.50
John KanakanakaBK & VIDEO2£10Pam Davis
Teaching Children Country DancingBK & CD0£16Pete Hendy
Beyond White WheatCD5£12Deo Volente
May (Educational Pack)Book3£7.95Efdss
Maypole SetBk/CD£24
Maypole Manual — RuffBook£20
Maypole Manual — RuffCD£10
Midwinter PackBook£7.95
Plough / Hock PackBook1£7.95
Trad Brit and Other Dan in CurBk/cass£24
Trad Brit and Other Dan in CurBk/CD£24
Trad Brit Dances etcCD£12.50
Victorian DanceBook£13
Victorian DanceCD1£13
CDM 1Cass£7.95
CDM 2Cass£7.95
CDM 3Cass£7.95
CDM 4Cass£7.95
CDM 5Cass£7.95
PLA 2Cass£7.95
PLA 3Cass£7.95
PLA 4Cass£7.95
New Wine in Old BottlesCass£8.50
Albion MorrisCD£12.99
Apted ( Double CD)CD129£16Jim Coleman and Denis Smith
Bismarcks — UpstreamCD£13.50
Century of SongCD£12.99
English Dancing MasterCASS1£1Orange and Blue
Joanna — BismarcksCD£13.50Bismarcks
Keep DancingCD£12Efdss
New Wine in Old BottlesCD£12.50
William KimberCD£14.99
App Running Set — BarclayBook£5.99
Clog Steps for BeginnersBook2£2.25Geoff Hughes
Eight Morris DancesBook£1.50
Enamel BadgesMisc£2.50
Eng. Mumming Plays –bibliogBook1£4.50
Eng.Mumming PlaysBook£2
May Day in EnglandBook2£2.25Roy Judge
Morris Dance Tunes BrockBook£3.95
Morris and MactachinBook£1.99
Traditional Step Dance in LakelandBook1£4.99Jf & Tm Flett
Truculent RusticsBook£4.50
Barn Dance FavouritesCass1£1Greensleeves Country Dance Band
Callers Club 1 Ccs 101Cass2£1Greensleeves Country Dance Band
Callers Club 2 Ccs 102Cass1£1The Otters Country Dance Band
Callers Club 4 Ccs 104Cass2£1Greensleeves Country Dance Band
Country Dancing 107Bk/cass£5.95
Flora JanicaBook0£5.50Jan Dale
Flora JanicaCD1£12.50The Cracknels
High Jenks – Book OnlyBook£4
High Jenks – CD OnlyCD£10
Houses, Halls and ParksBook0£4Reg and Norma Battle
Houses, Halls and ParksCD2£12Fw & Co.Uk
Pride and PrejudiceCD£12
Pride and Prejudice 2CD2£12.95Pemberley Players
Pride and Prejudice 3CD1£12.95Pemberley Players
Pride and Prejudice 4CD2£12.95Pemberley Players
Tuzzy MuzzyBook£5
Tuzzy MuzzyCD1£12
Airdance Rodney MillerCD1£12.95Rodney Miller
Airplang II Rodney MillerCD0£12.95Rodney Miller
Best of Wild AsparagusCD£12.95
Blackwater CollectionBook£3.50
Blackwater CollectionCD£12
Cloud Nine — AirdanceCD1£12.95Airdance
Contra Roots and BranchesCD£12.95
Down to the Hall — OccassionalsCD1£11.95Occasionals
Farewell to the HollowCD2£12.95New England Tradition
Faster Than a WalkCD2£12.95The Moving Violations
Flying On Home – AirdanceCD3£12.95Airdance
Footnotes — OccasionalsCD£11.95Occ`sionals
Full SwingCD0£12.95Susan Kevra, Mary Cay Brass & Friends
Greasy CoatCD£12.95
Green MountainCD2£12.95Mary Cay Brass & Friends
High CloudsCD0£12.95Green Field Dance Band
Loedown, HoedownCD£12.95
New England ChestnutsCD£12.95Rodney & Randy Miller
New Leaf Rodney MillerCD2£12.95Rodney Miller and David Surette
Old New England — -bob McqCD2£12.50Old New England
One :twoCD1£12.95Old New England
One : IIICD1£12.95Old New England
Proper Job — Bob CannCD£12
Pure QuillCD2£12.95Rodney Miller and Bob Mcquillen
Reel of the PuffinsCD2£11.95Jim & Scottish Dance Band
Reel PartyCD£11.95
Ringing StringsBook£9
Scottish Christmas Dance PyCD£11.95
Sound of New EnglandCD2£6.95
Strikes Again — Da FustraCD£11.95
250 Welsh AirsBook£9
105 Songs of OccupationBook£8.95
Besom MakerBook£5.95
Book of British BalladsBook£13
Bushes and BriarsBook£12
Gesto CollectionBook£16
Manx Ballads and MusicBook1£8Aw Moore
Dance Music of ScotlandBook1£14Niel Gow
Northumbrian MinstrelseyBook1£14.95Bruce & Stokoe
Thomas Ford's BalladsBook£15
Irish Collection — Traditional Music for Recorder & KeyboardBook1£4.75Douglas Gunn
Tutor-cauld Wind BagpipesBook£4
Scottish Country Dance Book 5Book£2.95
Willow TreeBook£7.95
100 Irish Ballads Vol 1Book£4.95
100 Irish Ballads Vol 1Bk/CD£9.95
100 Irish Ballads Vol 2Bk/CD£9.95
Ballads from Pubs of Ireland 1Book£3.95
Ballads from Pubs Ireland 2Book£4.25
Ballads from Pubs Ireland 3Book£4.95
Best of ChieftainsBook£8.95
Christie Moore SongbookBook£7.95
Duncles Irish Ballads Vol 1Book£3.50
Duncles Irish Ballads Vol 2Book£3.50
Duncles Irish Ballads Vol 3Book£3.50
Folksong /Ball of ScotlandBook£9.95
Folksong/ Ballad Pop in Ire Vol 1Book£3.95
Folksong/ Ballad Pop in Ire Vol 2Book£3.95
Folksong/ Ballad Pop in Ire Vol 3Book£3.95
Folksong/ Ballad Pop in Ire Vol 4Book£3.95
Love Songs of the IrishBook£3.95
Ring Around the MoonBook£5
Scottish Songs of Rob BurnsBook£5.95
Songs & Ballads of IrelandBook£3.50
Songs & Dances of IrelandBook£9.95
Songs & Dances of EnglandBook£9.95
Songs & Dances of ScotlandBook£7.95
Songs of DublinBook£3.95
Beyond White Wheatbk5£6Hazel & Robert Moir
Steve Knightly SongbookBook£14.99
Three Northumbrian Sea SongsBook£5.95
Trad F/Song Ballad of Scot Vol 1Book£5.95
Trad F/Song Ballad of Scot Vol 2Book£4.95
Trad F/Song Ballad of Scot Vol 3Book£4.95
Word 100 Irish Party Songs Vol 1Book£2.95
Word 100 Irish Party Songs Vol 2Book£3.95
Word 100 Scot Song & BalladBook£3.95
Word 100 Irish Song & BalladBook£2.95
Yetties Song BookBook£10.95
Yetties Songbook Vol 2Book£10.95
100 Irish PolkasBook4£4.50Mally
100 EnduringBook2£9.95
100 Essential Irish Session TunesBook1£10.95Mally
100 Evergreen Irish Session TunesBook1£10.95Mally
100 Popular Irish Session TunesBook2£10.95Mally
1000 Eng Country Dance TunesBook£22.95
100 Essential Scottish Ceilidh TunesBook1£10.95Mally
100 Vital Irish Session TunesBook1£10.95Mally
101 Easy Irish Session TunesBook1£8.95Mally
First Ceilidh Collection for FiddleBook£6.95C, M & a Hughes
Second Ceilidh Coll for FiddleBook1£8.95C, M & a Hughes
3rd Ceilidh Collection for FiddleBook1£8.95C, M & a Hughes
4th Ceilidh Coll for FiddleBook1£8.25C, M & a Hughes
Airs for Pairs Vol 1Book3£7.95Matt Seattle
Airs for Pairs Vol 2Book1£7.95Matt Seattle
Airs for Pairs – ScottishBook3£7.95Matt Seattle
Band SwingBook£11.95Mally
Band TimeBook1£11.95Mally
Bewick's FootstepsBook0£6.95Derek Hobbs
Big Session — the Music of IrelandBook1£2.50David J Taylor
Carolan's DreamBook£8.95
Ceol Na Fidhle Vol 1Book1£8.95
Ceol Na Fidhle Vol 3Book1£8.95
Ceol Na Fidhle Vol 4Book1£8.95
Charlton Memorial TunebookBook0£6.95Northumbrian Pipers Society
Chippendales Cheery ChunesBook£5.95Nigel Chippendale
Crossroads DanceBook1£8.95Shaskeen
First Ceilidh Collection for AccordionBK£8.99David Mackenzie
Easy Peasy TunesBook2£8.95Mally
English Dance MusicBook1£10.95Dave Townsend
English Dance Music – Vol2Book1£10.95Dave Townsend
English C/Dance TunesBook2£8.95
English Pub Session TunesBook1£8.95Mally
Fiddle Case Tunebook O/T SouthBook£5.95
Fiddle Case Tunebook Brit IslesBook£3.95
Fiddlers Tunebook — 200 Traditional AirsBook3£10.95Peter Kennedy
Fiddlers Tunebook — HbcsBook£9.95
Fiddlers Tunebook – Jigs, Quicksteps, Trips & HumoursBook2£9.95Mally
Fiddlers Tunebook – RrffBook£9.95
Fire Away Now — Music of IrelandBook1£2.50David J Taylor
Give Us AnotherBook2£2.50David J Taylor
Gordon Tyrrall's Irish ChoiceBook1£4.50Gordon Tyrrall
Ireland's Best Fiddle TunesBook2£9.95
110 Irelands Best Slow AirsBook1£10.95Waltons
Irish Tin Whistle LegendsBook£5.50
Irish Traditional Fiddle MusicBook1£15.50Miller & Perron
John Kirkpatrick's English ChoiceBook1£12.95Mally
Karen Tweeds Irish ChoiceBook2£5.50Mally
Lincolnshire Collections — Volume 1Book1£15.95Peter Sumner
Melstock CarolsBook2£9.95Dave Townsend
Mighty TuneBook1£2.50David J Taylor
Music for Sets — YellowBook1£8
Nick Barbers English ChoiceBook3£11.95Nick Barber
Nick Barber's English SelectionBook2£11.95Mally
Northumbrian Pipers — DuetBook2£6.95Northumbrian Smallpipe Ass.
Northumbrian Pipers Vol 1Book2£6.95Northumbrian Smallpipe Ass.
Northumbrian Pipers Vol 2Book2£6.95Northumbrian Smallpipe Ass.
Northumbrian Pipers Vol 3Book2£6.95Northumbrian Smallpipe Ass.
Pauline Cato – NorthumbrianBook£10.95
Peeping Tom TunebookBook£3.95
101 Popular English Session TunesBook1£8.95Mally
Puddletown ReelBook1£4.95David Bowles
Through the Half DoorBook1£8.95Shaskeen
Trad Slow Airs of IrelandBook£12.95
Village Band Book Vol 1Book2£9.95Dave Townsend
Village Band Book Vol 2Book1£9.95Dave Townsend
Village Band Book Vol 3Book1£9.95Dave Townsend
Village Band Book Vol 4Book1£9.95Dave Townsend
3 Hole PipeMisc£3.50
Clarke Original CMisc£3.99
Clarke SweetoneMisc£2.99
Flageolet C BrassMisc£2.99
Flageolet C NickelMisc£2.99
Redwing — Irish Tenor Banjo MedMisc£4.65
Redwing — Elite LightMisc£7.25
Redwing — Prof LightMisc£5.75
Redwing — Elite MediumMisc£7.25
Redwing — Prof MediumMisc£5.75
Absolute Beginners ConcertinaBook4£6.95Mick Bramich
D/G Absolute Beginners — MelodeonBook1£6.95Dave Mallinson
Basic Chords for GuitarBook1£4.95Ossian
Basic Tutor-north Small PipesBook£7
Begin the HarpBook1£7Waltons
Beginners HarmonicaBook1£6.95Steve Jennings
Bodhran BasicsBk/CD£7.95
Bodhran Book – HanniganBook£9.95
Bodhran TutorBook3£4.95Connor Long
Bodrhan Tutor – O'sullivanBook£5.95
Chords & Tuning for Fretted InstBook1£9.95Larry Sandberg
ConcertinaBook1£7.95Frabk Butler
Concertina MaintenanceBook1£12.95David D Elliott
Cotswold Morris Vol 1Book2£8.95Mally
Cotswold Morris Vol 2Book2£8.95Mally
Dulcimer Book – RitchieBook£8.95
First Steps – G BanjoBook1£2.75Kp Publishing
Folk Picture Chords + How toBook£4.95
Fun with the BanjoBook£4.50
How to Play 5 String BanjoBook£8.95
How to Play Harmonica TodayBook£3.95
How to Play MandolinBook2£8.95
How to Play the Pocket HarmonicaBook1£4.95Pickow & Shulman
Instant 5 String BanjoBook1£3.50Oak Publications
Instant GuitarBook£4.95
Instant Tin Whistle — IrishBook£4.95
Instant Tin Whistle — ScottishBook£4.95
Instant Tin Whistle – FolkBook£4.95
Instant Tin Whistle – PopularBook£5.95
Irish Concertina BookBook£12.95
Irish Dadghad BookBook1£12.95
Irish Piano AccordionBook£4.95Waltons
Learn to Play Tin Whistle 2Book0£2.99Armagh Pipers Club
Learn to Play Tin Whistle 3Book0£2.99Armagh Pipers Club
Mel Bay Banjo MethodBook1£3.50Mel Bay
Mel Bay Childrens T/W MethodBook£4.95
N.Driver Bodrhan & BonesBook£3.95
North West MorrisBook2£6.95Mally
Play Harmonica TodayBk/CD1£12.95Appleby & Pickow
Teach Yourself Bluegrass BanjoBook1£6.95Tony Trischka
You Can Teach Yourself Blues HarpBook1£8.95Mel Bay
The BoxBook1£4.95David Hanrahan
Timber the Flute TutorBook1£7.95Fintan Vallely
Tin Whistle BookBook£3.50
Tuning Your GuitarBook1£4.95Donald Brosnac
Bob's 4 Note book Jigs, Reels & other tunesbook1£5.75Bob McQuillen
Bridge FlowsCass£7.99
Clarke Tin WhistleCass1£1
Evolving TraditionCass1£1Various
Five Mile ChaseCass£6.99
Instant Tin Whistle IrishCass1£1Mally
Instant Tin Whistle PopularCass1£1Mally
Irish DadgadCass£6.99
New Irish HarmonicaCass1£1Brendon Power
North West MorrisCass£5.50
Yellow SetsCass£7.99
Cotswold Morris Vol 1CD£11.99Dave Mallison
Cotswold Morris Vol 2CD1£10.99Dave Mallinson
Easy Peasy TunesCD1£11.99Dave Mallinson
Bodhran — HanniganCD£9.99
Christmas Solos, Beginning ViolinBook£5.50
Community SongbookBook£12.99
Folk Song of British IslesBook£10.99
O'Neills Irish 1001Book1£12.95Captain F O'Neill
Popular Tunes for Recorder-30Book£2.95
Rounds for FiddlersBook£3.99
Soodlums Irish Ballad BookBook£11.20
Tin Whistle C&d TutorBook£2.50
Waltons Irish Songbook Vol 1Book£7.95
Waltons Irish Songbook Vol 2Book£7.95
Waltons Irish Songbook Vol 3Book£7.95
Waltons Irish Songbook Vol 4Book£7.95
Annals of Early MorrisBook£8.50
History of Morris DancingBook1£20John Forrest
Longsword DancesBook1£15Ivor Allsop
Make Merry in Step & SongBook£13
May Day to MummersBook£13
Morris BookBook£9.50
Morris HandbookBook1£18.50Lionel Bacon
Morris TraditionBook£0.50
Roots Welsh Border MorrisBook£5
Wraggle Taggle GypsiesBook£5
Bells – Small 7/8Misc£0.30
Bells — Medium 1 1/8Misc£0.45
Bells — EnormousMisc£1.50
Bells — Med'ish 1”Misc£0.39
Bells — Large 1 1/4Misc£0.58
Agogo — DoubleMisc£5.99
Bells – Brass ¾”Misc£0.26
Bodhran — BudgetMisc£29.99
Bodhran Bag — BudgetMisc£9.99
Boxing the CompassBook£12.50
Flageolet D NickelMisc£3.50
Flageolet G BrassMisc£2.75
Flageolet D BrassMisc£2.99
Flageolet BbMisc£3.15
Harmonica CMisc£3.99
Harmonica DMisc£2.99
Jingle StickMisc£2.99
Kazoo – MetalMisc£0.16
Mini MaraccaMisc£1.99
Shakey EggMisc£1
Shakey EggMisc£1.50
Shanties of the Seven SeasBook£19.99
Swanee WhistleMisc£3.99
Swing PartnersBook£7.99
Tambourine – 6”Misc£4.25
Tambourine — 8”Misc£3.99
Absolute Beginner DrumBk/CD1£8.95
Absolute Beginner HarmonicaBk/CD£8.95
Beginning Country FiddleBook1£11.95Marilyn Bos
Dulcimer Book – RitchieBook£8.95
Easiest Tune Book of C/DancesBook£4.95
Folk Song of Eng/ Ire/ Scot/ WalesBook£5.95
Handbook for Anglo Chromatic ConcertinaBook1£5.95Roger Watson
Handbook for English ConcertinaBook1£4.95Roger Watson
How to Play MandolinBook2£8.95Jack Tottle
How to Read MusicBook1£5.99Helen Cooper
Irish Tin Whistle LegendsBook£4.50
Joy of FolksongBook£9.95
National Songbook Vol 2Book£14.95
Nursery Rhyme S/Book- Am26824Book£5.99
One Hundred Eng. FolksongsBook£22.95
Ragtime Rage Book – Joplin Vol 1Book£4.95
Ragtime Rage Book _ Joplin Vol 2Book£4.95
Rounds for ChildrenBook£8.95
Treble Recorder from the BeginningBook1£3.95John Pitts
Assembly DancesBook£6.50
Assembly DancesCass1£4The Assembly Players
Dance and DanceabilityCD1£13The Assembly Players
Doon the BraeCD0£13The Assembly Players
Kynaston BallCD1£14Assembly Players
Levi JacksonCD1£13The Assembly Players
Long Live LondonCD1£13The Assembly Players
Neal BallCD2£13The Assembly Players
New Wine in Old BottlesBook£12.95
New Dances from the Old DominionCD4£11.50Colonial Music and Dance
Playford from New WorldCD1£13The Assembly Players
Purcell BallCass1£3.50The Assembly Players
Purcell BallCD2£11.50The Assembly Players
Purcell EncoreCass1£5Assembly Players
Walpole CottageCD1£13The Assembly Players
Walsh BallCass1£4.50The Assmebly Players
Walsh BallCD1£11The Assmebly Players
Yet Another Look at PlayfordCD£14
Make & Play CardocMisc£3.95
Play Your Ocarina Vol 1Book£2.95
Play Your Ocarina Vol 2Book£2.95
Play Your Ocarina Vol 3Book£3.95
Play Your Ocarina Vol 4book1£2.50D & C Liggins
Play Your Ocarina Vol 1-4Book£9.95
Poly OcarinaMisc£6.95
Folksong of Brit & IreBook£34.95
Intro to Eng. Folk SongBook£4.95
Country Dance TunesBook£12.95
Hardcore EnglishBook1£13EFDSS
Grandson of Morris OnCD£12.95
Gt. Grandson of Morris OnCD£12.95
Katies QuartetCD£12.95
Morris OnCD£12.95
Pleasures of Town — AardvarkCD£12.95
Son of Morris OnCD£12.95
Calculated FiguresBook2£5.50Gary Roodman
Additional Calculated FiguresBook2£5.50Gary Roodman
Sum Further Calculated FiguresBook2£5.50Gary Roodman
Number of Calculated FiguresBook2£5.50Gary Roodman
Multiple Calculated FiguresBook2£5.50Gary Roodman
Finite Set of Calculated FigBook2£5.50Gary Roodman
Odd Calculated FiguresBook2£5.50Gary Roodman
Prime Calculated FiguresBook2£5.50Gary Roodman
Even Odder Calculated FigBook3£5.50Gary Roodman
Group of Calculated FigBook3£5.50Gary Roodman
Sequence of Calculated FigBook3£5.50Gary Roodman
Combination of Calculated FigBook4£5.50Gary Roodman
Mr Roodman's FanciesCD2£13.50Cilantrio & Guests
Band of FriendsBook5£4.50Gary Roodman
Band of FriendsCD4£13.50Various
Good FriendsBook2£4.50Gary Roodman
Good FriendsCD1£13.50Cilantrio with Guests
New FriendsBook1£4.50Gary Roodman
New FriendsCD£13.50Mgm Reunion
Old FriendsBook1£4.50Gary Roodman
Old FriendsCD2£13.50Mgm & Reunion
Christmas Companion – FluteBook
Christmas Companion –clar/SaxBook
Christmas Companion –originalBook
Folk in Harmony Vol 1Book£7.50
Folk in Harmony Vol 2Book£7.50
Pipers Companion Vol 1Book2£7.50Derek Hobbs
Pipers Companion Vol 2Book1£7.50Derek Hobbs
Pipers Companion Vol 3Book1£7.50Derek Hobbs
Pipers Companion Vol 4Book2£7.50Derek Hobbs
Pipers Companion Vol 5Book2£7.50Derek Hobbs
Pipers Companion Vol 6Book2£7.50Derek Hobbs
Pipers Companion Vol 7Book1£7.50Derek Hobbs
Singin' Hinnies Vol 1Book£7.50
Singin' Hinnies Vol 2Book£7.50
From 2 Barns Vol 3Book£2.75
From 2 Barns Vol 4Book£2.75
From 2 Barns Vol 5Book£2.75
From 2 Barns Vol 6Book£2.75
From 2 Barns Vol 7Book£2.75
From 2 Barns Vol 8Book£2.75
Seasons of Inventionbk5£6.50Philippe Callens
Boston Centre 12 — A Playford Ballbook3£7.50B. Foster & F. Attanasio
From 2 Barns Supplement Vol 8Book£1.50
From 2 Barns Supplement Vol 9Book£1.50
Ballads from Pubs Ireland 1Book£3.99
Buttons and Keys Vol 1Book1£6
Buttons and Keys Vol 2Book1£7.50D J Mackenzie
Ceilidh Coll 1st – AccordionBook£8.99
Celtic CredentialsBook1£8.40Sullivan
Christie Moore SongbookBook£7.25
Clarke Tin Whistle TutorBook£5.50
Collection of Pipe TunesBook1£5.95Pipers Societies
Complete Descant Rec Vol 2Book£3.95
Dance Music of IrelandBook1£9.95Matt Cunningham
Faedog Tin Whistle –d (in Tube)Misc£3.50
Faedod Whistle –dMisc£3.95
Fiddler of HelperbyBook1£10.95
Fiddlers Tune BookBook£10.95
(50) Gt Irish Drinking SongsBook£9.95
(50) Gt Irish Fighting SongsBook£9.95
Great Scottish Songs — 100Bk/CD£14.95
Horses, Housemaids, Hard TimesBook1£3Tollhouse Company
Horses, Housemaids, Hard TimesCass1£1The Tollhouse Company
110 Irelands Best Fiddle TunesBook2£9.95Waltons
110 Irelands Best Polkas & SlidesBook2£7.95Waltons
Irelands Best Whistle T Vol;2Book1£8.95
Irish Dadgad Guitar BookBook3£9.95Sarah Mcquaid
Irish Dadgad — TutorCass2£1Various
Irish Fiddle BookCass1£1Matt Cranitch
Irish Pub SongbookBook£3.50
Blodaur GrugBook£9
Cadw TwympathBook£90
Cambrian TriflesBook£8
Dances of Kings HarperBook£4.50
Something Old Something NewBook2£8Various
Twentieth Cent. DancesBook£7.50
Welsh Folk DancesBook£4.50
Welsh Traditional DancesBook£5
Riding HighCD1£8South Riding Folk
Cooks TourBook£4.50
Cooks TourCD£12.50
From 2 Barns Vol 9Book£3.75
From 2 Barns Vol 9CD1£12.50Sue & John Stapledon
From 2 Barns Vol 10Book£4.75
From 2 Barns Vol 10CD1£12.50Sue & John Stapledon
Invitation to PlayBook1£9.50
Music SupplementBook£4
Again Not Quite PlayfordBook2£4.50John Stapledon
Again Not Quite PlayfordCD3£13.50Sue  & John Stapledon
Not Quite DutchBook1£4.50Bert Eccles
Not Quite DutchCD1£12.50West Kirby Folk Dance Band
Not Quite GoldBook2£4.50John Stapledon
Not Quite GoldCD2£12.50West Kirby Folk Dance Band
Not Quite NewBook2£4.50John Stapledon
Not Quite NewCD2£12.50West Kirby Folk Dance Band
Not Quite PlayfordBook1£3Bert Eccles
Not Quite PlayfordCD1£12.50West Kirby Folk Dance Band
Not Quite the SameBook2£4.50John Stapledon
Not Quite the SameCD2£12.50West Kirby Folk Dance Band
Not Quite ShawBook2£4.50Bert Eccles
Not Quite ShawCD2£12.50West Kirby Folk Dance Band
Not Quite the 2 of UsBook2£4.50Various
Not Quite the 2 of UsCD3£12.50Sue Stapledon
Playford PlusBook1£3Bert Eccles
Playford PlusCD1£12.50West Kirby Folk Dance Band
Still Not Quite PlayfordBook2£4.50Bert Eccles
Still Not Quite PlayfordCD1£12.50West Kirby Folk Dance Band
The Dances of Brian WedgburyCD2£14John & Sue Stapledon
Fiddler Round the Fairy TreeCD1£11.50
Night DanceCD1£14Sue Stapledon and Peter Kennedy
Bad Penny BluesCD£8.50
Celtic ChristmasCD£12.50
Children's Singing GamesCD£12.50
Christmas Is Now Drawing NearCD£12.50
Cockney Kings of Music HallCD£12.50
Complete Folker & Frollicks AlbumCD£12.50
Cotswold BalladsCD£12.50
Cotswold CharactersCD£12.50
English Country DancesCD£12.50
English Customs and TraditionsCD£2.50
English National SongsCD£12.50
Golden Years of Music HallCD£12.50
Great Western in GloucestershireCD£12.50
John Playford's Popular TunesCD£12.50
Jugband SpecialCD£6.50
Music for the Hammered DulcimerCD£12.50
Music of the Hurdy GurdyCD£12.50
Old Christmas ReturnedCD£12.50
Old English Nursery RhymesCD£12.50
Parlour PoetryCD£12.50
Pills to Purge MelancholyCD1£12.50The City Waites
Rusty RagsCD£12.50
Sea Song's and ShantiesCD£12.50
Song's of Thomas Hardy's WessexCD£12.50
Under the Greenwood TreeCD£12.50The Woodlanders
When I'm Cleaning WindowsCD£8.50
Wibbly Wobbly WalkCD£12.50
Dances & Tunes from ProvenceBook£5.50
Fiddle in Southern EnglandBook£3.50
How to Play Folk FiddleBook£9.50
Music & Dances of SwedenBook£8.50
Music & Dances of SwedenCD£8
S. Eng. & Yorks Fiddle TunesCD£7
York Fiddle Tunes & Dancesbook£3.50
Historical Dances 12th – 19th CBook£12.50
History of Morris DancingBook£12.50
Song for Every SeasonBook£14.99
May I Have the PleasureBook£10
A Few for FunCD1£10Orions Ring
FlipsideBOOK1£6.75Elsie & Norman Watson
English Country Dance Tunes — Barnes 3Book5£18Barnes
Round RobinBOOK1£6.50Charles Bolton
Not All My Own WorkBOOK1£3.50Charles Bolton
More of the SameBOOK1£3.50Charles Bolton
Canterbury SetBOOK1£2Dudley Laufman
Fallibroome CollectionBOOK2£10Bernard Bentley
English Fiddle TunesBk/CD£10Pete Cooper
Community Dances ManualBk0£15Efdss
The Morris TraditionBk2£0.50Efdss
Plough Monday to Hocktide (Educational Pack)BK1£7.95Efdss
Victorian Society Through DanceCD1£5Anon
John KanakanankaVid2£15
LongswordBk1£10Diana Jewitt
8 Morris Dances & Flamborough SwordBk3£3.50Efdss
English Folksong BibliographyBk1£2.25
Learn to Play KeyboardsBk2£6.99Usborne
Low Whistle BookBk/CD1£15Hannigan & Ledsam
Stompin GroundBk1£8.75Tony Sullivan
Toodle Oodle BagpipesBk3£5Julian Goodacre
Twoodle Oodle Bagpipes Too!Bk2£5.50Julian Goodacre
Tune a DayBk — damaged1£1Paul Herfurth
Play Your OcarinaBk1£2.50
Tutor for FlageoletsBk1£0.20Barnes & Mullins
The BodhranBk1£5.50O'sulleabhain
Complete Descant Recorder Volume 2Bk1£3.95Helen Gaynor
How to Play Tenor Banjo and Showpiece InstructionsBk1£8.40
Not Quite FinishedCD5£15Sue Stapledon
An Enchanted Place & Other DancesBk3£6Antony Heywood
An Enchanted PlaceCD0£12Masquerade
All in a Garden GreenCD2£12Merry Conceit
Altenglishe PurcellCD2£13.50Ferdinand Gruneis
Amycrofter's Go SquareBk/CD1£14Amy Crofter
Another English AssortmentBk6£5Neil Stuart
Another English AssortmentCD5£6Neil Stuart
Another Look at PlayfordBk2£12.50Ed Marjorie Fennessy
Another Look at PlayfordCD1£12Yeomans and Jones
Out of the SilenceCD2£13The Dancehall Players
Ballads in WalesBk1£4.95Mary-ann Constantine
Beautiful ScarabmagBk1£5
Beautiful ScarabmagCD1£10
Bella MamaCD2£10Chrissie and Esther
Benjamin's BeginningsBk3£3.50
Benjamin's BeginningsCD2£8Kendal Green Folk Dance Band
Beyond the BordersCD5£12.50Dewhurst
Blowzabella Tune & Dance Book (Encyclopedia)Bk2£15Blowzabella
Blue and Yellow SpaghettiBk2£6Alan Davies
Blue Sky ThinkingBk2£3Geof Owen
Blue Sky ThinkingCD2£12Stradivarious
Bolsterstone 2008Bk4£2.50
Bolsterstone 2012Bk1£2.50
Bolsterstone 2013Bk1£2.50
Bolsterstone 2014Bk2£2.50
Bolsterstone 2015Bk2£3
Bolsterstone 2016Bk3£3
Bolsterstone 2017Bk3£3
Bolton's ReturnBk1£1.50Colin Wallace
Both Feet Plus OneBk1£7Elvins
Brass TracksCD0£12.50C & n Dewhurst
Callers ManualBk4£5Mic Spenceley
Canow KernowBk1£2Inglies Gundry
Castles in the AirBk/CD1£13.95Roberts, Gillette & Miller
Celebrates — Ring of EightCD2£10Ring of Eight
CelebrationsBk3£14Orly Krasner
Early InstinctsCD1£11.50Childgrove
Claire VoyantBk1£1.50Colin Wallace
Coleford JigBk1£10C Menteith & P Burgess
Collection of 102 Folk Dance TunesBk1£8Benjamin Rowe
Companion to Jtb-bb etcBk1£6.95
Complete Blackthorn TunesBk2£3.50
Contra Number SeriesBk3£4Neil Stuart
Co-operationBk2£3.50John Wood
Crossing BordersCD2£12.50Dewhurst
Crossing More BordersBk6£7
Country Dance Club BookBk4£10Hugh Stewart
Cutlers CollectionBk16£1Efdss
Daisy's in the Wind Volume 6CD3£13.50The Fine Companions
Daisy's in the Wind Volume 7CD1£13.50Flying Romanos
Dance to the Music of TimeBk2£6Antony Heywood
Dances By the Dozen — 4sBk1£1.50Colin Wallace
Dances By the Dozen — 5ljBk1£1.50Colin Wallace
Dances By the Dozen — LwBk1£1.50Colin Wallace
Dances from the GreeneryCD£13.50Berger, Jenson, Kammen & King
Dances with a Difference — Volume 1Bk2£2Colin Hume
Dances with a Difference Volume 2Bk2£2Colin Hume
Dances with a Difference Volume 4Bk2£3Colin Hume
Dances with a Difference Volume 5Bk2£5Colin Hume
Dance with Us AgainCD3£10The Woodlanders
Dancing Across the AtlanticBk1£7Loretta Holz
Dancing Across the AtlanticCD1£13Flying Romanos
Dancing FolkBk1£3.50Various
Dancing MusiciansCD£10Dave Yeomans and Caroline Bunting
Dancing Year — Book 9Bk/CD3£3Geof Owen
Daphne's DelightsCD2£10Daphne Baker and Sophia Welsh
Daphne's Delights Volume 2CD2£10Daphne Baker and Richard Shallcross
DiagonallyBK & CD2£17.70Peggy Roe
Ecd Sea to SeaBk1£7.70
Elements of English Country DanceBk9£2Hugh Stewart
Elephant StairsBk0£10Andrew Shaw
Elephant StairsCD1£13Persons of Quality
Elvyn's TunesBk1£10Elvyn Blomfield
An English AssortmentBk1£5Neil Stuart
An English AssortmentCD2£6Neil Stuart
English Echo's Volume 1CD3£14Donaldson, Reed & Ross
English Echo's Volume 2CD2£14Donaldson, Reed & Ross
An Evening at Dan's HallCD3£13.50Dancehall Players
Exe-setter's BallBk1£2Colin Andrews
Green Jay Collectionbk2Jospeh Pimentel
Join the BandBK90£7Barbara Wood — Efdss
Stepping Around Prehistoric WiltshireBK3£3.50Jack Brown
Calculated Figures — Vol 13 Mutually Exclusivebk5£7Gary Roodman
Unexpected DancesCD2£14Dancehall Players
The Beautiful ScarabmaggCD1£10David Roberts
A Tribute to Betty & Other DancesCD2£13Merry Conceit
Dance and Sing 2CD1£7Amaryllis
Dance and SingCD£7Amaryllis
Dances with a Difference 3CD2£13The Rampions
Farnicle HuggyCD2£13Berger, King & Oakden
Shades of ShawCD3£13Dutch Comfort
Next of KynastonCD3£13Persons of Quality
An Invitation to DanceCD3£12Purcell's Polyphonic Party
Nearer and FartherCD2£12Rebecca King
A Cook's TourCD2£12.50Sue & John
Sue and John take… …A Cook's Tourbk2£4.50John Stapledon
Naomi's Tunes and DancesCD0£12Stowfolk
Interesting TimesCD1£10Momentum
Late ArrivalsCD5£12Stradivarious
This Sceptred IsleCD3£12Stradivarious
Ten Years OnCD4£10Millenium Players
Out of the HatCD£10Folkus Pocus
Under No IllusionCD1£10Folkus Pocus
Holiday Folk Week Dance Music 1CD1£8Various
Lovers Luck — Twenty Country DancesCD2£15Sociall Musick
Lovers LuckBK0Diana Cruickshank
From Two BarnsCD1£10Woodlanders
The Beggar's BallCD2£14The Assmebly Players
Pat Shaw's PlayfordCD1£14The Assembly Players
Old World New DancesCD1£14The Assmebly Players
2ndH Twickenham FerryCD1£5The Assembly Players
My Family and Other DancesCD2£9.75The Assembly Players
My Friends and Other DancesCD£12The Assembly Players
Sleeping On a RockCD1£13.50Latter Day Lizards
LiveCD0£12.50The Portland Megaband
New England Contra Dance MusicCD0£13.95Salmonberry
Portland Selection 2CD0£12.50Portland Connection
Contra MusicCD1£6.95The Sound of New England
SperantsaCD4£9Cathie Whitesides
Generous MeasuresCD3£4.50Jeff Sayer
Jamestown Founders BallCD3£11.50Colonial Music and Dance
Barn Dance PartyCD£13Ring O Bells
Barn Dancin n Country DancinCD1£13Ring O Bells
English Country Dance PartyCD1£13Ring O Bells
Yorktown Victory Ball — Inlcudes Dance InstructionsCD1£11.5013 Colonies
Impropriety 6 New LeafCD5£14Roguery
The Fiddler Round the Fairy TreeCD1£11.50Sue Stapledon
GrapevineCD0£12.50Miller and Morse
10 Top Ceilidh TunesCD1£10Tri-folk
Never Stand StillCD2£7Dampiers Round
Twelve Gated CityCD1£12Childsplay
Rell Party — Are Ye Askin?CD1£11.95Glen Craig Scottish Dance Band
Turning of the hourCD6£13.50Alchemy
Dance in TimeCASS1£1Mosaic and John Stokes
Dances from 1791CASS2£1Steve Hunt
Wibbly Wobbly WalkCASS1£1
After the DanceCASS1£1Eynsham Morris
Pilgrimage — Bartholemew FaireCASS1£1Phillip & Jo Astie
Pay the PiperCASS1£1
Northweat MorrisCASS1£1Dave Mallinson
The Marimac AnthologyCASS1£1
Community Dance Manual 3CASS1£1David White and Band
Community Dance Manual 5CASS1£1The Ranchers
Twelve Gated CityCASS1£1Childs Play
Retreads Vol 9CASS1£1Charles Bolton
Barn Dance ShindigCASS1£1Ring O Bells
Banish MisfortuneCASS0£1Gordon Tyrrall
Looking GoodCASS1£1Peeping Tom
Sight for Sore EyesCASS1£1Peeping Tom
Larkrise to CandlefordCASS1£1Peeping Tom
The Eyes Have ItCASS1£1Peeping Tom
8 Morris Dance of England and Flamborough SwordCASS1£1Richard Stapledon  & David Flemming Williams
Steps in TimeCASS1£1Klof
Jingle, Thump, Blow ItCASS1£1
Gecko BlasterCASS1£1Geckoe
Clear Blue SkiesCASS1£1Hambledon Hopstep Band
The English Dancing MasterCD100£18EFDSS
The Walls of Lugo & Other DancesBK5£5Neil Stuart
Across or BesideBK5£5Neil Stuart
Goldcrest CollectionBK2£10Joseph Pimentel
Goldcrest CollectionCD2£15.50Goldcrest
Impropriety 2CD1£14Roguery
Impropriety 3CD1£14Roguery
Impropriety 4CD1£14Roguery
Friends for All SeasonsCD4£13.50Various Bands (C.Thomson)
Promise of SpringCD4£13.50Various (C.Thomson Music)
Short and SweetCD£12.50Dewhurst
Wrights' HumoursCD1£12.50J & D Dewhurst
Vesey CollectionCD2£12.50Pick n Mix
Take TwoCD2£12.50Dewhurst & Patrick
New DimensionsCD3£12.503d
Hilarys Humours 1CD1£10Triple Thyme
Hilarys Humours 2CD1£11Keeping Thyme
Hilarys Humours 3CD3£12Deo Volente
Hilarys Humours 4CD2£12Deo Volente
Minding the GapCD0£12Roguery
Live from Dan's HallCD2£13Dancehall Players
More from Dan's HallCD1£13Dancehall Players
Fresh from Dan's HallCD1£13Dancehall Players
Spring BlossomCD1£12Dampiers Round & C Hume
Maggot Pie — Ray Goodswen versionsCD1£12Jug of Punch
Only Myself to BlameCD1£10David Roberts
The Hoghton Band CollectionCD3£12Hoghton Band
The Lacemakerpamphlet3£0.20Acocks Green Folk Dance Group
Step This Way — Book 4BK2£1.10Geof Owen
Wiltshire Heatwave DreamsBK4£3Brian Lyons
Lost Valley 7BK3£3Brian Lyons
The Cook & the Waitress 2001 to 2010BK3£2.50Julian Hill
The Three of DiamondsBK1£2Various
Folk Dance Medley 2BK2£2Howard Burrows
Folk Dance Medley 3BK2£2Howard Burrows
Folk Dance Medley 4BK2£2.50Howard Burrows
High Five from High JinksBK2£2B & M Chadband
A Hampshire GarlandBK1£3Fiona Birchall
The Hampshire RoseBK1£3Fiona Birchall
Ken's Contras No. 2BK1£3Ken Bonner
Sheffield Write a Dance Competition 2001BK7£2.50Various
London Gentleman Rambles On!BK6£5Chris Turner
Further Ramblings of a London GentlemanBK2£5Chris Turner
Fancy DayBK1£5Margaret Thomas
RolesBK2£3Ron Coxall
WallsBK4£2.50Ron Coxall
Diamond Anniversary — Stafford FDCBK6£3Various
Hilary's Humours Vol 1BK1£3.50Hilary Herbert
Hilary's Humours Vol 2BK3£4Hilary Herbert
Hilary's Humours Vol 3BK2£5Hilary Herbert
Hilary's Humours Vol 4BK£5Hilary Herbert
Playford with a Difference — Vol 1BK3£5Colin Hume
New Dances for OldBK£4Colin Hume
The Complete Blackburne Tunes with DancesBK2£3.50Ron Coxall
Step Lightly 3BK1£3Elsie Watson
Hampshire HarvestBK£3Fiona Birchall
Step LightlyBK1£3Elsie Watson
Step Lightly 2BK1£3Elsie Watson
Pat Shaw Collection of DancesBK3£10Ed. Marjorie Fennessy
Generous Measures — Vol 4CD & BK1£6.50M.Taylor & J Sayer
Halsway Manor Ruby Dance CollectionBK6£5Various
My Family and Other DancesBK1£3John Wood
Tribute to Betty & Other DancesBK2£3John Wood
Wrights HumoursBK2£2D & K Wright
Wrights Humours Vol 2BK2£2D & K Wright
Vesey CollectionBK3£3.75D & K Wright
English Country Dance PartyBK£3.50Ring O Bells
Scottish Country Dance PartyBK2£5Ring O Bells
Antwerp AnticsBK5£6Philippe Callens
Farnicle HuggyBK2£8Andrew Shaw
Under the Greenwood TreeBK1£7Alan Davies
Naomi's Tunes and DancesBK£7.50Naomi Alexander
Ban Dancin n Country DancinBK2£3.50Ring O Bells
Salisbury ConnectionsBK2£2Jack Brown
Mixed Bag of DancesBK1£3Jack Brown
First VariationsBK2£2.50Jack Brown
M.A.G.W.I.T.C.H. Vol 1BK0£3.50Colin Wallace
Polka RoundBK4£2Cyril Papworth
Under the InfluenceBK1£11.75Jenna Simpson
More DedicationsBK2£8.50Toos Heesakkers
Measured ObsessionBK & CD£15F De Metz Herman & Lea, Murrow and Martin
Ignatius Sancho, Twleve English Country DancesBK1£8.50Valerie Webster et al
Only Myself to BlameBK1£5David Roberts
The Beautiful ScrabmaggBK1£5David Roberts
Impropriety Vol 2BK1£10Friendly & Sackett
Impropriety Vol 3BK1£10Friendly & Sackett
Impropriety Vol 4BK£10Friendly & Sackett
Impropriety 6BK2£10Friendly & Sackett
Passion FruitBK1£5.50Sibby
Nearer and FartherBK2£12Various
Squares and Double ContrasBK1£4Neil Stuart
Scottish Piano Accordion TutorBK£6D J Mackenzie
Basic Tutor for the Northumbrian Small PipesBK1£7Richard Butler
Petes Primer for Folk Style Guitar PlayingBK2£2Pete Chadbund
Absolute Beginners DrumsBK & CD1£8.95Wise Publications
Appalachian Clogging and Flatfooting StepsBK2£15Ira Bwestein
Revelationsbk£10Jenna Simpson
Barn Dance Party — with CallerBK1£3.50Ring O Bells
Barn Dancin n Country DancinBK1£3.50Ring O Bells
Barn Dance ShindigBK1£3.50Ring O Bells
Why DanceCD & BK5£28Jane Downes & Pat King
Pat Shaw 1917-1977BK2£12.50Ed. Brenda Godrich
English Folk SongsBK3£0.50R. Vaughan Williams
English Mumming PlayBK1£4.50Cass, Preston & Smith
In a Cottage in a WoodBK2£5.50Jean Blomfield
Halsway Manor WallhangingBK2£8Halsway Manor Society
English Folk SongBK1£2.25Ed. David Atkinson
Scoot Dances, Troyls, Furrys and Tea TreatsBK3£12.99Merv Alison & Jowdy Davey
All Mixed Up — Guide to Sound ProductionBK5£2Bob Mills
Sussex Folk Harvest 1987BK1£0.50Sussex District Efdss
Totally Thompson 1BK2£4.95Wickens
Up the Sides and Down the MiddleBK/CASS2£14.95Folk South West
Step It DownBK1£10.50Jessie Jones & Bess Lomax Hawes
ChampagneCD2£13Simpson et al
Country Dance Favourites for Schools 1CD & BK1£14.50Heritage Dance Recordings
Country Dance Favourites for Schools 2BK & CD1£14.50Heritage Dance Recordings
Final Helping of Saddlers' SaladBK1£1.40Geof Owen
Second Helping of Saddlers' SaladBK1£1.40Geof Owen
Calling the TuneBK1£2.50Goef Owen
Turn of the CenturyBK3£2.50Ian Whitehead
Wheel of FortuneBK1£2.50John Meechan
Folk Dance Medley 1BK1£2Howard Burrows
American Country Dance of the Revolutionary EraBK1£8.50Keller & Sweet
Tribute to Ray 2BK1£5Freda Macintyre
For FriedBK£2Colin Wallace
Jack Be NimbleBK1£1.50Colin Wallace
Mr Roodman's FanciesBK2£5Gary Roodman
100 Enduring Irish Session TunesBK1£9.95Mally
Memories in Waltz TimeBK3£4.50Dave Brown
Shades of BrownBK2£6Dave Brown
Play in the BandBK60£9.95Ed.Barry Moule
Fiddler's ThroneBK2£18.50Randy Miller
Irish Traditional Music Session Tunes Bk 2BK1£3Anthony Sullivan
Irish Traditional Music Session Tunes Bk 3BK2£3Anthony Sullivan
Generous Measures — Vol 1BK3£5.50Jeff Sayer
Fiddler of HelperbyBK10£1James Merryweather & Matt Seattle
William Winters Quantocks TunebookBK0£18Halsway
On the Road AgainBK1£3D W Hammond
Folk Campers TunebookBK1£6.50J & D Hammond
Fresh from Dan's HallBK2£9The Dancehall Players
Music for the Sets — the Yellow BookBK1£3David J Taylor
New Tunes for DancingBK2£15Blowzabella
Dances to the Tunes of Brian JenkinsBK3£1Brian Jenkins
Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ayBK1£7.50D Gadsby & B Harrop
Hard Core EnglishBK1£15EFDSS
Companion to Join the Band — Brass/Wind B & E FlatBK1£6.95Folk Camp Society
John of the Green. the Cheshire WayBK2£15John Offord
Heather's TunesBK2£7.50Heather Bexon
110 Irelands Best Tin Whistle TunesBK1£8.95Waltons
Bob's 5 Note Book Jigs, Reels & other tunesbook1£5.75Bob McQuillen
101 English Country Dance TunesBK2£8.95Mally
Millenium Collection of Folk TunesBK1£4Stafford Folk Players
Kafoozalum TunesBK3£5Peter Jenkins
Sunspell CollectionBK1£4Pauline Wilson
Play for the DanceBK1£6Dave Brown
Trial RunBK2£0.75Bryon Bonnett
Ceol Na Fidhle Vol 1 — Highland TunesBK1£8.95Christine Martin
Ceol Na Fidhle Vol3 — Highland TunesBK1£8.95Christine Martin
Ceol Na Fidhle — Vol 4 — Highland TunesBK1£8.95Christine Martin
Push Pull PlayfordBK & CD1£7Tony Battilana
Follow the Band Too!BK3£4.95Jack Brothwell
American Square Dance TunesPAMPHLET1£0.20Kennedy & Flemming-williams
Jack's MaggotBK£4.95Jack Brothwell
Portland CollectionBK1£22.50Songer & Curley
Portland Collection — Vol 2BK1£22Songer & Curley
Portland Collection — Vol 3BK2£22.50Songer & Curley
Captain Cooks Country DancesBK£18Heather Clarke
Captain Cooks Country DancesCD£18Phillips Dog & the Whoots
Captain Cooks Country DancesCD AND BOOK£35Clarke, Phillips Dog, Whoots
2ndH Halsway Hamper of Dancesbook0various
2ndH Dance in Time with Mosaic & John Stokesbook1Mosaic
2ndH Dances from around Berkshirebook1Berkshire District EFDSS
2ndH Dance With-in TentbookFolk Camps Society
2ndH The Exe Setter's Ballbook1Colin Andrews
Wallflowersbook1Aase Marie & Peter Toxvaerd
2ndH Sue and John take…….A Cook's Tourbook1John Stapledon
2ndH Hexham Country Dance Bookbook2Maurice Gamble
2ndH Gail's Maggotsbook1£2Gail C Ticknor
2ndH Crossing More Bordersbook0£2Ray Goodswen
2ndH In Border Countrybook0£2Ray Goodswen
2ndH Square Dance Saturday Nightbook2£1Ring o Bells
2ndH Early One Morningbook2£2Scott Higgs
2ndH Social Dances from the American Revolutionbook0CC Henderson & K Van Winkle Keller
2ndH Barely LegalbookDiane Silver
2ndH Airs & DancesbookElsie Watson
2ndH Airs & Dances 2book2£2Elsie Watson
2ndH Step Lightly 2book2£1Elsie Watson
2ndH Country Dance Tunesbook1C J Sharp
2ndH Golden Anniversary Dance Collection 2002bookFolk Dance Club Stafford
2ndH Margaret's Momentoesbook1Margaret Franklin
2ndH Mid West Folklore and Other Dancesbook1ed M Fuerst
2ndH Half Centruybook1Ian Whitehead
2ndH Swing The Nextbook0Ted Sannella
2ndH Balance & Swingbook1Ted Sannella
2ndH The Rotherwood Assemblybook1Dave Turner
2ndH Another Selectionbook1John Meechan
2ndH Step Lightly 3book2£1Elsie Watson
2ndH Linkesbook1£2Elsie Watson
2ndH Airs & Dances 3book1£2Elsie Watson
2ndH Step Lightlybook2£1Elsie Watson
2ndH Whims & Fanciesbook1£1Watson & Willetts
2ndH English Dance Airsbook1N Flemming-Williams & P Shaw
2ndH Blow Away the Morning Dewbook0Dudley Laufman
2ndH Sir Roger de Coverly's Whole Set Catalogbook0Dudley Laufman
2ndH Brandybook0Dudley Laufman
2ndH Southern California Twirlsbooked. Hutson & Spero
2ndH The Richmond Assemblies 1790-1797book1Van Winkle Keller & Fogg
2ndH A Berkshire Bundlebook1Brian Jones
2ndH The Milverton Dancesbook1Milverton Folk Dance Group
Halsway Hamper of Dances 1985book1various
2ndH The Devonian Double Circlebook2Colin Andrews
2ndH Twiddles, Twists & Conundrumsbook1Reel Nutmeg
2ndH Northampton Folk Dance Club Competition Dances for 1989-91bookvarious
2ndH Latitude and Longitudebook1Neil Stuart
2ndH Mary's Medleybook1Mary Divett
2ndH Square Dancingbook1Bob Oliver
2ndH Right to the Helmbook1Jorn Borggreen
2ndH Turn of the Centurybook2£1Ian Whitehead
2ndH Devon Jubilee Jamboreebook1Devon EFDSS
2ndH A Dartmoor Country Dance Partybook1Bob Cann's Pixie Band
2ndH Fancy Daybook1Margaret Thomas
2ndH An Elegant Collection of Contras & SquaresbookRalph Page
2ndH Country Dance Book. New Seriesbook1£2EFDSS
2ndH Dances from 1791book1£1Pat Woods
2ndH Dances from 1794book2£1Pat Woods
2ndH Ken's Contras No 2book2£1Ken Bonner
2ndH Ken's Contrasbook1Ken Booner
2ndH More of WhynotbookRoger Whynot
2ndH Why Not Dance with Me?bookRoger Whynot
2ndH Ken's Contras No 3book2£1Ken Bonner
2ndH Twirling Dervishbook2£3Hill, Balliet & Kopp
2ndH Twirling Dervish & other Contra Dancesbk2£3Becky Hill
2ndH Shadracks Delightbook1£4Tony Parkes
2ndH Son of Shadrackbook2£2Tony Parkes
2ndH The Rosen Hill Collectionbook1B Hill & S Roesen
2ndH The Merry Month of May (1840)pamphlet1ed. Simons
2ndH New Country Dance from Maine 1795book0Van Winkle Keller & Fogg
2ndH Square Dance from a Yankee Caller's Clipboardbook1Limnell & Winston
2nH The Ceilidh Dance Bookbook£1Gamble
2ndH Newcastle and Newcastle 2pamphlet1Mendham & Cook
2ndH The Heathfield Dancespamphlet1ed. H Downing
2ndH Half a Dozen from East Sussexbook0Clare Kaley
2ndH Square & Fairbook2Margo Gunzenhauser
2ndH Purely for Pleasurebook1John Daglish
2ndH The Hoghton Band Collectionbook1£1The Hoghton Band
2ndH Just One More Dancebook1Carole Howard
2ndH The Contrary Contrabook1Colin Andrews
2ndH Heritage Dances of Early Americabook1Ralph Page
2ndH Slapping the Wood vol 1book1£4Don Flaherty
2ndH 21st Century Contrasbook1Devin Nordberg
2ndH Tewnty Four Early American Country Dancesbook1James E Morrison
2ndH Keep on Swingingbook1£5Philippe Callens
2ndH Sussex Folk Harvest 3rd CropbookSussex District FDSS
2ndH Sussex Folk Harvest 2nd CropbookSussex District EFDSS
2ndH Sussex Folk Harvest 1987book1£0.10Sussex District EFDSS
2ndH Hands Four … and Square Your Setsbook0Brian DeMarcus
2ndH The Cantii Collectionbook1£2ed. David Stephens
2ndH Home Brewedbook£1.50Ken Alexander
2ndH Dancing through the nightbook1£1J & D Chapman
2ndH ECD — Sea to Seabook1various Canadian composers
2ndH The Cardinal Collectionbook0Jospeh Pimentel & friends
2ndH Bolsterstone 2008bookColin Wallace
2ndH Bolsterstone 2009book1Colin Wallace
2ndH Something Old and Something Newbook£2R & S Hunt
2ndH The Three of Diamondsbook1£1various
2ndH The Three of Heartsbook1£1various
2ndH The Three of Clubsbook1£1various
2ndH The Three of Trumpsbook1£1various
2ndH The Three of Spadesbook2£1various
2ndH Amy Crofters Go Square Vol 1book1£2Kim Smith
2ndH Amy Crofters Go Square Vol 1CD with instructions1£5Kim Smith
2ndH Twelve Square Gemsbook1David Jewell
2ndH Twelve More Gemsbook1David Jewell
2ndH In My Little Ol' Log Cabinbook1Gordon Brooks
2ndH When the Work's All Donebook2£1Bob Dalsemer
2ndH Dance Symmetrybook0Cary Ravitz
2ndH Dance All Nightbook2£2Tom Hinds
2ndH No Rest For the ~Wickedbook1Tom Hinds
2ndH Dance All Night 2book1Tom Hinds
2ndH Dance All Night 3book2£2Tom Hinds
2ndH The 78Some Reels Selection of Country Dances for 78ersbook1G L Goodenough
2ndH The Knot Untiesbook2£1Geoff Todd
2ndH The Hampshire RosebookFiona Birchall
2ndH Lead a Merry Dancebook1Geof Owen
2ndH A Final Helping of Saddlers' Saladbook1Geof Owen
2ndH Foot Notesbook1Geof Owen
2ndH A Second Helping of Saddlers' Saladbook1Geof Owen
2ndH Saddlers' Saladbook1Geof Owen
2ndH Step This Waybook1Geof Owen
2ndH Bad Hair DecadebookTom Hinds
2ndH Give Me a Break!bookTom Hinds
2ndH Dance All Day Too!book2£2Tom Hinds
2ndH Dances from a Confused Callers PDAbook1Tom Hinds
2ndH Hunter's Moonbook2£1Tom Cook
2ndH London Gentleman Rambles On!book£1Chris Turner
2ndH The Ramblings of a London Gentlemanbook£2.50Chris Turner
2ndH The Further Ramblings of a London Gentlemanbook0Chris Turner
2ndH Both Feet Plus Onebook1£4M & T Elvins
2ndH Lost Valley 7 and More New Dancesbook1Brian Lyons
2ndH Wiltshire Heatwave Dreams and other new dancesbook1£2Brian Lyons
2ndH Cactus Twirl and other new dancesbook1Brian Lyons
2ndH Home Grownbook1£1Geoff Cubitt
2ndH Home Grown Toobook0Geoff Cubitt
2ndH In with Both Feetbook2£2Mark Elvins
2ndH Both Feet Againbook1£2Mark Elvins
2ndH English Country Dances — of todaybook1CDSS
2ndH The North Skelton Sword-Dancebook2£0.10EFDSS
2ndH Dudley's Book of Calls for Traditional Dances of the North Eastbook0Dudley Laufman
2ndH The Village Maidbook1Audrey Town & Penny Bradshaw
2ndH The Cook & The Waitressbook2£1Julian Hill
2ndH New Year with the Cook and The Waitressbook1£1Julian Hill
2ndH The Cook and the Waitress have been busy againbook0£1Julian Hill
Dancing Musiciansbook1Shirley Bunting
2ndH Dance to Celebratebook2£1Shirley Bunting
2ndH The Lizard Research Institute and other DancesbookCarol Ormand
2ndH Jurassic Redheads & Other DancesbookCarol Ormand
2ndH The End of the Centurybook£3Inga Mrton
2ndH Sandy's Fancybook£2Inga Morton
2ndH Square Dance Centurybook£5Inga Morton
2ndH Dream Dancesbook1Don Flaherty
2ndH Dances in Timebook2£4Don Flaherty
2ndH The Portland Collection Vol 2book1S Songer & C Curley
2ndH Dance the Winter Awaybook0Glen Morningstar Jr
2ndH Ross of Mull and Other Dancesbook1John Wood
2ndH English or Double Dutch 3book0£2Cor Hogendijk
2ndH The Ralph Page Book of Contrasbook1£1EFDSS
2ndH Contra Dancing in the North Westbook1Pen Fix
2ndH The Portland Collectionbook1S. Songer & C. Curley
2ndH English or Double Dutch vol 2bookCor Hogendijk
2ndH Set and Honourbook1Margaret Grant
2ndH English Folk Dancing in the Primary Schoolbook1H & D Kennedy
2ndH Community Dances Manual 7book0EFDSS
2ndH Community Dances Manual 4book0EFDSS
2ndH Community Dances Manual 6book0EFDSS
2nd Community Dances Manual 2book2£0.10EFDSS
2ndH Community Dances Manual 3book0EFDSS
2ndH Community Dances Manual 1book0EFDSS
2ndH Community Dances Manual 5book0EFDSS
2ndH Callers' Choice 1book0EFDSS
2ndH Swing Partnersbk1£2S. Clark & M Evans
2ndH Country Dances of Todaybook1CDSS
2ndH Callers' Choice 2book0EFDSS
2ndH Captain Ceildhbook1ed. Butler, Brown & Saunders
2ndH Triple Dutchbook0£2C. Hogendijk, E. Van Brakel & J. Krug
2ndH Holland as seen in the English Country Dance 1713-1820book1ed. P Shuldham-Shaw
2ndH Some Goodswen Goodiesbook2£1Ray Goodswen
2ndH Some More Goodswen Goodiesbook2£1Ray Goodswen
2ndH Even More Goodswen Goodiesbook2£1Rat Goodswen
2ndH My Family and Other Dancesbook1£2John Wood
2ndH Co-operationbook1John Wood
2ndH A Tribute to Betty and Other Dancesbk2£2John Wood
2ndH My Friends and Other Dancesbook1£2John Wood
2ndH Kentish Hopsbook2£3A. Simons
2ndH The Lovers Luckbook1£5ed. D Cruickshank
2ndH Eight Time Six of the Bestbook1John Daglish
2ndH Square Dances of Americabook1D & H Kennedy
2ndH The Sidmouth Collection vol 3book0£2Audrey Laver
2ndH A Square Mealbook1Peggy Hazell
2ndH Irish Folk Dance Book (book 1)book1Peador O'Rafferty
2ndH Belgium Boutadesbook1Philippe Callens
2ndH Continental Capersbook0Philippe Callens
Mainly Miss Andersonbook3£2.50Philippe Callens
2ndH Totally Thompson 1book1J & D Wickens
2ndH Joan Windsor 1910-1992book0Dorset District EFDSS
2ndH The Sidmouth Collection vol 2book1£2Audrey Laver
2ndH The Lacemakerpamphlet1Acocks Green FD Group
2ndH Lond Odds and other dances from the Preston Collectionpamphlet1ed. Pat Woods
2ndH Teaching Children Country Dancingbook1Pete Hendy
2ndH Barn Dance — new series presented by Eddie Uptonbook0Radio 2
2ndH The Clerics Delight and other Fun Dancesbook1Keith Wright
2ndH English Traditional Dancing in the National Curriculum (key stage 2)book1Wendy Crouch
2ndH Country Dance Tunesbook1Cecil J Sharp
2ndH Salisbury Notariesbook1£2Jack Brown
2ndH ReflectionsbookJack Brown
2ndH Inscapebook1Rob Sibthorpe
2ndH Around Neston CrossbookTom Cook
2ndH Kentish Hops (First Pickings)pamphletA. Simons
2ndH May Resource Packbook1EFDSS
2ndH Six Dances of the Yorkshire Dalesbook1ed. Leta M. Douglas
2ndH Nineteen Dancesbook1Margit & Frede Olsen
2ndH Dances from George Washington's Birthday Ballsbook1Leland B Ticknor
2ndH Crossing the Cascadesbook1Mike Richardson
2ndH English Dances for the Dutch Courtbook2£5Charles Hendrickson
2ndH George Washington. A Biography of Social Dancebook0Van Winkle Keller & Hendrickson
2ndH Blue & Yellow Spaghettibook1Alan Davies
2ndH Dances by the Dozen Vol 1book0Colin Wallace
2ndH The She Favouritebook1Andrew Shaw
2ndH Under the Greenwood Tree and other dancesbook2£2Alan Davies
2ndH Ring of Eight Celebratesbook1Alan Davies
2ndH Greensleeves and other Old Dancesbook0ed. Miss Cowper Coles
2ndH Let's Dancebook1Marian Rose
2ndH Dances by the Dozen 5LJbook1£1Colin Wallace
2ndH South to Southambook1£2Colin Wallace
2ndH Tried and TrustedbookColin Wallace
2ndH The Claire-Voyantbook2£1Colin Wallace
2ndH For Friedbook0Colin Wallace
2ndH Jack Be Nimblebook1Colin Wallace
2ndH Emperor of the Moonbook1£5Andrew Shaw
2ndH To Live is to Dancebook2£2Jim Kitch
2ndH An Introduction to the English Country Dancebook1Cecil J Sharp
2ndH Sangspil Scandinavian Games & Dancesbook1ed. Robert Jarman
2ndH Hey, Diddle Diddlebook0Colin Wallace
2ndH The English Country Dance. Graded Series.book1Cecil J Sharp
2ndH Flowers of the Manor and Other Dancesbook1£3John Ritchie
2ndH A Mixed Bag of Dancesbook1£1Jack Brown
2ndH Houses, halls and Parksbook2£2Reg & Norma Battle
2ndH Generous Measures vol 4book1Margaret taylor
2ndH Mendhams Maytimebook2£1Geoff Menham
2ndH Barn Dance Series (1993-1994)book0Radio 2
2ndH Salisbury Connectionsbook1Jack Brown
2ndH First Variationsbook1Jack Brown
2ndH Stepping Around Prehistoric Wiltshirebook£5Jack Brown
2ndH Caedmon Capersbook2£2Eddie Upton
2ndH Step and Honourbook0Barry Gant
2ndH High Jenksbook2£2Brian Jenkins et al
2ndH A Decade of New Assemblybook1£1Pat Woods
2ndH Dances from 1792book2£1S & J Hunt
2ndH Antwerp Anticsbook£3Philippe Callens
2ndH The Folk Dance Club Stafford (40th Anniversary)book1various
2ndH The New Century Collectionbook1Don Armstrong
2ndH Something Old, Something Newbook1Welsh Folk Dance Society
2ndH Hill Country Contrasbook1£3Dale Rempert
2ndH English or Double Dutchbook1£5Cor Hogendijk
2ndH And Then then in t'other waybook1ed. C Johnson
2ndH Cumbriana Jones and the Theatre of Doombook1£3Ian Jones and Colin Wallace
2ndH Dances by the Dozen LW bk3book0Colin Wallace
2ndH M.A.G.W.I.T.C.H. vol 1book1£2Colin Wallace
2ndH Milverton FD Group 50th Anniversary Book of Dancesbook1various
2ndH Dizzy Dances vol 2book1£2Gene Hubert
2ndH More Dizzy Dances vol3book1£2Gene Hubert
2ndH The Playford Ballbook1£5Van Winkle Keller & Shimer
2ndH Contra Commentsbook1Erik Hoffman
2ndH Grand Master. Dancing Masterbook2£1Tom Cook
2ndH An Alternative Pie of Maggotsbook1£2Ray Goodswen
2ndH Twice as Nicebook0Melanie Axel-Lute
2ndH One Good Turn Deserves Anotherbook1Melanie Axel-Lute
2ndH Enlish Country Dance TunesbookBarnes
2ndH English Country Dance Tunes vol 2bookBarnes
2ndH Scottish Reels are Funbook0£2Chris Brent Smith
2ndH Scottish Country Dancesbook1RSCDS London Branch
2ndH The London Jubilee Scottish Country Dancesbook1£0RSCDS London Branch
2ndH Book of Graded Scottish Country Dancesbook1RSCDS
2ndH English Country Dances by Ellen TaylorbookEllen Taylor
2ndH Dances by the Dozen bk 4Sbook0Colin Wallace
2ndH English Country Dance Tunes vol 3book0Barnes
2ndH A Fallibroome Gardenbook1£3Bernard Bentley
2ndH Packington's Poundbook1£2Tom Cook
2ndH Occasionsbook1Charles Bolton
2ndH Dance to the Tunes of Brian Jenkinsbook1Brian Jenkins
2ndH Wrights Humours vol 2book2£1D & K Wright
2ndH Wrights Humoursbook2£0.10D & K Wright
2ndH The Vesey Collectionbook2£1D & K Wright
2ndH Lullaby of the Swingbook1Myrtle Wilhite
2ndH Mr Kynaston's Famous Dancebook2£5Andrew Shaw
2ndH Farnicle HuggybookAndrew Shaw
2ndH Elephants Stairsbook1Andrew Shaw
2ndH A Choice Collection of Country Dances c.1726book0ed. R Jackson & G Fogg
2ndH Only Myself to Blamebook0£2.50Dave Roberts
2ndH The Beautiful Scrabmaggbook0£2.50Dave Roberts
2ndH The Sidmouth Collection Vol 1book1£2Audrey Laver
2ndH A Frolickbook1£1Audrey Town
2ndH Dancing Every Daybook1Ann Higley
2ndH Dancing Across the Atlanticbook1£5Loretta Holz
2ndH Under the InfluencebookJenna Simpson
2ndH Brief Encounter and other dancesbook1£2Marj Hendy
2ndH Celebrationsbook1Orly Krasner
2ndH Dances by Peggy Samuelbook0Peggy Samuel
2nsH Halsway Assemblybook£2A Davies & M Thomas
2ndH Flipsidebook1£2Elsie & Norman Watson
2ndH Halsway Manor Ruby Dance Collectionbook1various
2ndH Here, There and Everywherebook2£2Lena Rees and John Lagden
2ndH Spoil the BrothCD1£5Cook/Jenkins
2ndH The Dances of Brian Wedgburybook2£3Brian Wedgbury
2ndH The Elmwood Collectionbook1Dave Turner
2ndH Everyday Dancesbook1EFDSS
2ndH Go with the FlowbookRosemary Hunt
2ndH More Dedicationsbook1Toos Heesakkers
2ndH Dedicationsbook2£5Toos Heesakkers
2ndH Naomi's Tunes and DancesbookNaomi Alexander
2ndH Fresh from Dan's Hallbook1Dancehall Players
2ndH The Way I See It!book1Peter Graham
2ndH Tuzzy Muzzybook1Jan Dale
2ndH The Contrarianbook1Erik Hoffman
2ndH Contradictationsbook1Erik Hoffman
2ndH The Caller/Teacher Manual for Contrasbook0Don Armstrong
2ndH Calling New England Squaresbook1Tom Hinds
2ndH Sound of Jurabook£5Eric Scott
2ndH Contra Butions 3book1Peter Stix
2ndH Another Contra Butionbook1Peter Stix
2ndH Contra Butionsbook1Peter Stix
2ndH Zany Contrasand Other Stuffbook1Chris Kermiet
2ndH Great Contras and Squares from the Great Lakes Statebook0various
2ndH Country Dances from Colonial New York. J.A Notebook 1730book0Van Winke Keller & Fogg
2ndH Give-and-Takebook1Larry Jennings
2ndH Retreads vol 9book1Charles Bolton
2ndH Retreads vol 8book1Charles Bolton
2ndH Retreads vol 7book2£1Charles Bolton
2ndH How to do Appalachian Cloggingbook1Tom Hinds
2ndH Appalachian Cloggingbook1Annie Fairchild
2ndH The Clogger's Book of Appalachian Square Dance Figuresbook1Sheila Popwell
2ndH Zesty Contrasbook£5Larry Jennings
2ndH Calling the Tune bk 7book/CD1Geof Owen
2ndH Blue Sky Thinking bk 8book1Geof Owen
2ndH Mountain Valley Musicbook1Folklore Project
2ndH Family and Community Dancesbook1CDSS
2ndH In House Dancesbook1Geoff Todd
2ndH A Hampshire GarlandbookFiona Birchall
2ndH Singing Squaresbook2£1Greensleeves
2ndH American Squares (Singing calls)book1Greensleeves
2ndH Score of Squaresbook1Ron Beeson
2ndH Balance and Swing (singing calls)book£5Greensleeves
2ndH Bolsterstone 2017book1Colin Wallace
2ndH Bolsterstone 2016book1Colin Wallace
2ndH Goldcrest CollectionbookJoseph Pimentel
2ndH Benjamin's Beginningsbook0Colin Wallace
2ndH Let's Dance — Country Stylebook1R. Smedley & J.Tether
2ndH Wallsbook2£1Ron Coxall
2ndH Sussex Folk Harvest 5th CropbookSussex District EFDSS
2nd H Sussex Folk Harvest 6th CropbookSussex District EFDSS
2ndH Sussex Folk Harvest Crop 7bookSussex District EFDSS
2ndH Sussex Folk Harvest Crop 4bookSussex District EFDSS
2ndH Rolesbook1£1Ron Coxall
2ndH Jogs to the Memorybook1£1Ron Coxall
2ndH All Alivebook1Charles Bolton
2ndH Fallibroome Collection 1book2£1Bernard Bentley
2ndH Fallibroome Collection 2book2£1Bernard Bentley
2ndH Fallibroome Collection 3book2£1Bernard Bentley
2ndH Fallibroome Collection 4book2£1Bernard Bentley
2ndH Fallibroome Collection 5book2£1Bernard Bentley
2ndH Fallibroome Collection 6book2£1Bernard Bentley
2ndH Come Let's Be Merrybook2Tom Cook
2ndH Again Let's Be Merrybook1Tom Cook
2ndH Maggot Piebook1£2M. Heffer & W Porter
2ndH The Apted Book of Country Dancesbook3£1EFDSS
2ndH It's Easybook£2Fried de Metz Herman
2ndH The Bonds of Harmonybook1£2Freid de Metz Herman
2ndH Potters' Porch Collectionbook£2Fried de Metz Herman
2ndH American Country Dances of the Revolutionary Era 1775-1795book0Keller & Sweet
2ndH Yet More Goodswen Goodiesbook2£1Ray Goodswen
2ndH From Two Barns Vol 1book2£1ed. Ken Shieffield
2ndH From Two Barns Vol 2book2£1ed. Ken Sheffield
2ndH From Two Hands Vol 3book2£1ed. Ken Sheffield
2ndH From Two Barns Vol 4book2£1ed. Ken Sheffield
2ndH From Two Barns Vol 5book2£1ed. Ken Sheffield
2ndH From Two Barns Vol 6book2£1ed. Ken Sheffield
2ndH From Two Barns Vol 7book2£1ed. Ken Sheffield
2ndH From Two Barns Vol 8book2£1ed. Ken Sheffield
2ndH From Two Barns Vol 9book2£1ed. Ken Sheffield
2ndH From Two Barns Vol 10book1£1ed. Ken Sheffield
2ndH Another Look at Playfordbook2Marjorie Fennessy
2ndH The Christmas Carol Dance Bookbook1John Garden
2ndH The Kafoozalum Tune Bookbook1Peter Jenkins
2ndH Purcells Dancing Masterbook£5N. Broadbridge & M. Fennessy
2ndH The Blind Harper Dancesbook2£5Turlough O'Carolan
2ndH New Wine in Old Bottlesbook2£5Pat Shaw
2ndH The Fallibroome Collection and A Fallibroome Gardenbook1Bernard Bentley
2ndH Pat Shaw Collection of Dancesbook2£7.50ed Marjorie Fennessy
2ndH Pat Shaw's Pinewoodsbook2£3Pat Shaw
2ndH The Complete Caledonian BallCD0£2.50Rob Gordon & his Band
2ndH Trottinez tak for kaffeCD1£5Trottinez
2ndH Jimmy Shand plays Jimmy ShandCD1£3Jimmy Shand & his Band
2ndH Raz de MareeCD2£5Tidal Wave
2ndH DominoCD0£4Domino
2ndH Margaret's MementoesCD2£4Orions Ring
2ndH A Decade of New AssemblyCD1£5Steve Hunt
2ndH A Few for my Friends & a Few in ReturnCD2£5Orion's Ring
2ndH Airs 'n' DancesCD1£5Steve Hunt
2ndH Airs 'n' Dances 3CD2£5Orions Ring
2ndH LinkesCD2£5Orion's Ring Extra
2ndH Co-operationCD1£5Orion's Ring
2ndH Dances by Peggy SamuelCD0£4.50Orion's Ring
2ndH Dances from 1792CD1£4Orion's Ring
2ndH Diana and OrionCD1£5Orion's Ring
2ndH More DedicationsCD1£6Orion's Ring
2ndH Playford to the Present 1997CD1£3.50Orion's Ring
2ndH What's NewCD3£5Orion's Ring
2ndH Sidmouth Collection. Vol. 1Cd1£5Orion's Ring
2ndH Sidmouth Collection. Vol. 2CD1£5Orion's Ring
2ndH Sidmouth Collection. Vol. 3CD£5Orion's Ring
2ndH What 'AppensCD1£5Steve Hunt
2ndH Airs 'n' Dances 2CD2£5Orion's Ring
2ndH A Halsway Hamper of DancesCD1£2.50Steve Hunt
2ndH Something Old and Something NewCD1£5Orion's Ring Plus
2ndH Beggar's BallCD0£4Assembly Players
2ndH Dance and DanceabilityCD£5Assembly Players
2ndH A Kynaston BallCD2£7Assembly players
2ndH Pat Shaw's PlayfordCD2£7Assembly Players
2ndH New Wine in Old BottlesCD1£5Assembly Players
2ndH A Neal BallCD1£4Assembly Players
2ndH A Purcell BallCD1£4Assembly Players
2ndH Purcell EncoreCD2£5Assembly Players
2ndH A Walsh BallCD1£6Assembly Players
2ndH Yet Another LookCD2£6Assembly Players
2ndH My Friends and Other DancesCD1£5Assembly Players
2ndH My Family and Other DancesCD1£3Assembly Players
2ndH On the JobCD1£5Stow Folk
2ndH Naomi's Tunes and DancesCD£5Stow Folk
2ndH Time to GoCD1£5Stow Folk
2ndH Sold as HeardCD£5Stow Folk
2ndH Not Quite ShawCD1£6West Kirby Band
2ndH Not Quite PlayfordCD1£6West Kirby Band
2ndH Not Quite NewCD1£3West Kirby Band
2ndH Not Quite GoldCD1£6West Kirby Band
2ndH Not Quite DutchCD1£6West Kirby Band
2ndH Playford PlusCD0£4West Kirby Band
2ndH Still Not Quite PlayfordCD1£4West Kirby Band
2ndH Not Quite the SameCD2£5West Kirby Band
2ndH Not Quite the Two of UsCD1£6Sue Stapledon
2ndH A Cook's TourCD1£5Sue & John Stapledon
2ndH Again Not Quite PlayfordCD1£4John & Sue Stapledon
2ndH From Two Barns. Vol 9CD2£5John & Sue Stapledon
2ndH From Two Barns. Vol 10CD2£5John & Sue Stapledon
2ndH Kentucky Running SetsCD1£4Amaryllis
2ndH Dance and Sing 2CD1£5Amaryllis
2ndH Amaryllis In ConcertCD0£5Amaryllis
2ndH Blue Sky ThinkingCD2£5Stradivarious
2ndH Late ArrivalsCD1£5Stradivarious
2ndH CelebratesCD2£5Stradivarious
2ndH This Sceptered IsleCD1£5Stradivarious
2ndH Under No IllusionCD2£4Folkus Pocus
2ndH Out of the HatCD2£5Folkus Pocus
2ndH Crossing BordersCD£5Chris, Julie and Nick Dewhurst
2ndH New DimensionsCD2£53D
2ndH Beyond the BordersCD0£6Chris, Julie & Nick Dewhurst
2ndH Boston Favourties 1CD1£6.50Bare Necessities
2ndH Boston Favourites 2. More FavouritesCD£6.75Bare Necessities
2ndH Boston Favourites 3. Simple PleasuresCD1£6Bare Necessities
2ndH Boston Favourites 4. Modern TreasuresCD1£6Bare Necessities
2ndH Boston Favourites 5. At HomeCD1£6Bare Necessities
2ndH Boston Favourites 6. At the BallCD2£5Bare Necessities
2ndH Boston Favourites 7. By RequestCD2£5Bare Necessities
2ndH Boston Favourites 8. By ChoiceCD2£5Bare Necessities
2ndH Boston Favourites 9. Easy Historical DancesCD0£3Bare Necessities
2ndH Boston Favourites 10. New ShootsCD2£3Bare Necessities
2ndH Boston Favourites 11. A New English BallCD1£5Bare Necessities
2ndH Boston Favourites 12. A Playford BallCD1£5Bare Necessities
2ndH Boston Favourites 13. Mrs Beveridge's TriumphCD£5Bare Necessities
2ndH Gingerbread and MoonshineCD1£5Dave Brown
2ndH Outside of the SquareCD5£5Dave Brown
2ndH An Invitation to DanceCD1£6Purcells Polyphonic Party
2ndH York Town Victory BallCD£6The Legacy Trio
2ndH Returning Hero'sCD1£5Spare Parts
2ndH Handels English Country DancesCD1£5Virginia Early Musik
2ndH Old Time and Sequence BallCD1£5Rob Gordon & his Dance Band
2ndH Jamestown Founder's BallCD0£5Legacy Trio
2ndH Apollo's BanquetCD1£6Douglass/O'Dette/Lawrence-King
2ndH RenaissonicsCD1£5Renaissonics Dance Band
2ndH Impropriety 1CD2£5Roguery
2ndH Impropriety 3CD3£5Roguery
2ndH Impropriety 4CD3£5Roguery
2ndH Minding the GapCD1£6Roguery
2ndH An Evening at Dan's HallCD£5Dancehall Players
2ndH Fresh from Dan's HallCD2£5Dancehall Players
2ndH More from Dan's HallCD1£5Dancehall Players
2ndH Country Dance Tunes CD1CD1£5NFTY
2ndH Live Music from Halsway ManorCD2£5Millennium Players
2ndH Ten Years OnCD1£4Millennium Players
2ndH Holiday Folk Week. Dance Music Vol 1CD3£5Stradling/Broadbridge & Band
2ndH Holiday Folk Week. Dance Music Vol 2CD2£4Broadbridge/Stradling & Band
2ndH Halsway Assembly (17th & 18th Centuary Dances)CD0£2.50Lyndon Thomas
2ndH Ten Tunes for Eight Times Six of the BestCD1£5David Yeomans
2ndH Another Look at Playford (includes dance instructions)CD1£7Yeomans and Jones
2ndH Cumbriana Jones and the Theatre of DoomCD1£5Cumbrian Gap
2ndH The Dances of Brian WedgburyCD2£5John & Sue Stapledon
2ndH SkylarkCD2£5Skylark
2ndH Spreading Our WingsCD2£5Skylark
2ndH English Country Dance FavouritesCD£5Hold the Mustard
2ndH Red Star LineCD2£4Hold the Mustard
2ndH Seasons of InventionCD1£5Hold the Mustard
2ndH Pride and Prejudice CollectionCD1£5Pemberley Players
2ndH Pride and Prejudice Collection Volume 2CD2£5Pemberley Players
2ndH Pride and Prejudice Collection volume 3CD0£6Pemberley Players
2ndH Pride and Prejudice Volume 4CD£6Pemberley Players
2ndH Welcome to the DanceCD1£5EFDSS
2ndH Community DancesCD0£4EFDSS
2ndH The Engllsh Dance MasterCD1£4EFDSS
2ndH Next of KynastonCD1£5Persons of Quality
2ndH Elephant StairsCD1£5Persons of Quality
2ndH Emperor of the MoonCD1£5Hutchinson & Hymas
2ndH Farnicle HuggyCD£5King, Berger & Oakden
2ndH Spring BlossomCD2£5Dampiers Round
2ndH Dances with a Difference Vol. 3CD0£5The Rampions
2ndH Elizabeth and Other DancesCD1£5Masquerade
2ndH An Enchanted PlaceCD1£6Masquerade
2ndH Dance with UsCD1£4The Woodlanders
2ndH Music for Folk DancingCD2£4The Woodlanders
2ndH From Two BarnsCD2£5The Woodlanders
2ndH High 5 from High JinksCD2£5High Jinks
2ndH Dances from the GreeneryCD1£5Berger, Jensen, Kallen & King
2ndH Winter OrangesCD2£5Foxfire
2ndH Interesting TimesCd2£4Momentum
2ndH Eight More Bars PleaseCD0£4Ten Penny Bit
2ndH Ross of Mull & other dancesCD3£5The Forest Band
2ndH English Echoes 2CD1£5Elegant Echoes
2ndH Flora JanicaCD1£5The Cracknels
2ndH Tuzzy MuzzyCD2£5The Cracknels
2ndH High JenksCD1£5The Cracknels
2ndH Hilarys Humours vol 1CD1£4.50Triple Thyme
2ndH Hilarys Humours vol 2CD1£5Keeping Thyme
2ndH Hilarys Humours vol 3CD1£5Deo Volente
2ndH Hilarys Humours vol 4CD1£5Deo Volente
2ndH Pat Shaw and MoreCD1£7Triple Time
2ndH Dutch Callers ChoiceCD2£5Triple Time
2ndH Measured ObsessionCD£4Lea, Murrow & Martin
2ndH Take OffCD£5The Flying Romanos
2ndH Round RobinCD£5The Flying Romanos
2ndH Dancing Across the AtlanticCD1£4The Flying Romanos
2ndH Daisies in the Wind Volume 7CD1£6The Flying Romanos
2ndH Daisies in the Wind volume 6CD1£5Fine Companions
2ndD Houses, Halls and ParksCD2£5Reg & Norma Battle
2ndH All in a Garden GreenCD3£5Merry Conceit
2ndH Goldcrest CollectionCD£7Goldcrest
2ndH BinaryCD0£7.50Albireo
2ndH Ring of Eight CelebratesCD1£4Lyndon Thomas
2ndH Hot AirsCD0£6Fendragon
2ndH The Beautiful ScarabmaggCD0£5David Roberts
2ndH A Portland SelectionCD1£5Penk, Curley & Songer
2ndH Brief Encounter & other dancesCD£5The Downfield Players
2ndH Fancy DayCD1£5L & M Thomas
2ndH CelebrationsCD2£5Krasner & Reunion
2ndH Mr Kynaston's Famous DanceCD1£7Belshazzar's Feast
2ndH The Blind Harper DancesCD0£4Amarillis
2ndH Chosen MelodiesCd2£5The Woodlanders
2ndH Treasure IslandCD2£4Baker & Shallcross
2ndH Straight from the FingersCD0£4Bursledon Village Band
2ndH A Tribute to Betty and Other DancesCD2£5Merry Conceit
2ndH Jug of Punch & Maggott PieCD2£5Jug of Punch
2ndH A Fallibroome GardenCD£5Corser, Corser & Birkhead
2ndH The Lovers LuckCD1£5Sociall Musick
2ndH Only Myself to BlameCD0£5David Roberts
2ndH The Inscape DancesCD0£5The Cat's Whiskers
2ndH Bidford RoundaboutCD1£5The Bidford Band
2ndH Never Mind the DotsCD0£5The Great White Steamchicken
2ndH AugmentedCD£5Arden Folk
2ndH South to SouthamCD£4Trevor Monson
2ndH The Hoghton Band CollectionCD2£5The Hoghton Band
2ndH Dancing MusciansCD2£4Yeomans & Bunting
2ndH Starry Nights & CandlelightCD0£3Spaeth, Williams & Williams
2ndH Dance Music of the Oregon TrailCD£5Williams & Williams
2ndH Hand it DownCD£5Bob McQuillen
2ndH Old New EnglandCD1£5Old New England
2ndH Pure QuillCD1£4Miller & McQuillen
2ndH One:TwoCD1£5Old New England
2ndH Danish Brass Music Anno 1848CD1£5Copenhagen Brass Quintet
2ndH Music to Make MerryCD1£4English Heritage
2ndH Fredensborg FantasierCD1£2Royal Danish Brass
2ndH Breakfast at FezziwigsCD0£5Bangers n Mash
2ndH Twelve More GemsCD1£5Chris Jewel
2ndH Amycrofters At HomeCD2£4Amycrofter
2ndH Amycrofters Go Square. Volume 1CD1£5Amycrofter
2ndH Amycrofters Go Square. Volume 2CD1£5Amycrofter
2ndH All Round Collection of Jogs, Reels and Country AirsCD1£6Rodney Miller
2ndH StingraysCD1£6Rodney Miller
2ndH Contra Music. The Sound of New EnglandCD£2.50Great Meadow Collection
2ndH Cloud NineCD1£6Airdance
2ndH New LeafCD1£5Miller & Surette
2ndH Rodney's Millers AirdanceCD0£3.50Airdance
2ndH Flying on HomeCD0£3.50Airdance
2ndH Pris au JeuCD0£6Domino
2ndH Contra Roots and BranchesCD£5various
2ndH I Believe in Santa ClausCD1£7Erik Pluyaar
2ndH Movin' OnCD1£2.50David DiGiuseppe
2ndH Sleeping on a RockCD1£5Latter Day Lizards
2ndH Folk Buddha's Path to EnlightenmentCD1£5The Berea Castoffs
2ndH Full SwingCD1£4Kevra with Brass & friends
2ndH Primordial GrooveCD0£4Laura and the Lava Lamps
2ndH ElasticityCD1£6Moving Violations
2ndH Rex EverythingCD£5Contrasaurus
2ndH Summer TunesCD0£3.50Mitchell and Donaldson
2ndH FiddledanceCD1£4Frank Ferel & friends
2ndH Vertical ExpressionCD2£5Vertical Expression
2ndH Who's CallingCD1£6Fiddlin' Around
2ndH RampantCD1£5Elixir
2ndH New Dances from the Old DominionCD1£5The Legacy Trio
2ndH Colonial AmericaCD1£6Hesperus
2ndH NotoriousCD1£6Unger & MacAdam-Somer
2ndH Choose your PartnersCD£7Smithsonian Folkways
2ndH So Merrily DancedCD1£3Liam Robinson Dance Band
2ndH The Blackwater CollectionCD£4Muir & the Craigellachie Band
2ndH Fresh WaresCD1£6Groovemongers
2ndH Rough Around the EdgesCD1£3Syncopaths
2ndH Dogs on the RunCD1£6The Barking Bulldogs
2ndH The Big BangCD2£5Big Bandemonium
2ndH High CloudsCD1£5Greenfield Dance Band
2ndH Face the CreekCD1£5various
2ndH WanderlustCD£5Childgrove
2ndH Never Stand StillCD0£3.50Dampier's Round
2ndH RazzmatazzCD1£63D
2ndH The Beggar's BallCD1£6The Assembley Players
2ndH Long Live LondonCD1£6The Assembly Players
2ndH Oe Moe Me NoeCD1£5Aegle Hoekstra
2ndH The Night BeforeCD1£5The night before
2ndH Hilary's Humours vol 1CD1£5Triple Thyme
2ndH Hilary's Humours — vol 2CD1£5Keeping Thyme
2ndH Hilary's Humours — vol 4CD1£5Deo Volente
2ndH Good FriendsCD2£5Cilantro and guests
2ndH Old Swn BrandCD1£5The Old Swan Band
2ndH English Echoes 1CD1£5Donaldson et al
2ndH Mr Roodman's FanciesCD1£5Cilantro
2ndH Walpole CottageCD1£5The Assembley Players
2ndH Table Music at HalswayCD1£5Mery Conceit
2ndH Brass TracksCD1£5Nick and Chris Dewhurst
2ndH A Collection of Northern TunesCD1£5George Wilson
2ndH Yorktown Victory BallCD1£5The Legacy Trio
2ndH Jameston Founders BallCD1£5The Legacy Trio
2ndH The Great WaltzCD1£5Childsplay
2ndH Levi JacksonCD1£5The Assembly Players
2ndH Twelve Gated CityCD1£5Childsplay
2ndH Halsway Manor Millenium Players Ten Years OnCD1£5Millenium Player
2ndH Moor MusicCD1£5Bazeley & Rice
2ndH Minuet to Mazurkabook1£5Dolmetsch Historical Society
2ndH Handel English Country DancesCD1£5Virgina Early Musick
2ndH Welcome Here AgainCD1£5Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra
2ndH Reel of PuffinsCD1£5Jim Lindsay & Scottish Dance Band
2ndH Smile When You're ReadyCD1£5Jeremiah McLane
2ndH The Fiddler KnowsCD1£5The Yetties
2ndH Not Quite the 2 of UsCD1£5Sue Stapledon
2ndH ConnectionsCD1£5Dave Brown
2ndH Take TwoCD1£5Patrick and Dewhurst
2ndH Here, There and EverywhereCD1£5Amaryllis
2ndH Band of FriendsCD1£5Axelrod et al
2ndH New FriendsCD1£5MGM
2ndH Playford PopsCD1£5Dewhurst & Stapledon
2ndH The Eyes Have ItCD1£5Peeping Tom
2ndH The Complete Blackburne TunesCD1£5Stowfolk
2ndH Playford from the New WorldCD1£5The Assembly Players
2ndH Nothing to DeclareCD1£5Contra Band Collection
2ndH Flowers & FrolicsCD1£5Reformed Characters
2ndH Volga NotionsCD1£5KGB
2ndH Turning of the TideCD1£5Steve Hunt
2ndH A Portland Selection 2CD1£5Penk, Curley & Songer
2ndH Food for Your FeetCD1£5Scrod Pudding
2ndH FootlooseCD1£5Footloose
2ndH Wherever You GoCD1£5Wild Asparagus
2ndH A sight for sore eyesCD1£5Peeping Tom
2ndH Chimes of Dunkirk. Great Dances for ChildrenCD1£5NEDM
2ndH Early InstinctsCD1£5Childgrove
2ndH EnbouchureCD1£5Galvan & Roitman
2ndH Along the RiverCD1£5Songer & friends
2ndH The Hidden WorldCD1£5Changeling
2ndH Shades of ShawCD1£5Dutch Comfort
2ndH Both Sides of the AtlanticCD1£5The Little Tinkers
2ndH Sometimes when the Moon is HighCD1£5Nightingale
2ndH Looking BackCD1£5Peeping Tom
2ndH The Spectacle BridgeCD1£5Hynes & Liddy
2ndH Looking GoodCD1£5Peeping Tom
2ndH Just Over the MountainCD1£5Moore & Douglas
2ndH The Old Kitchen KettleCD1£5Bloatertown
2ndH Rattlebone & PloughjackCD1£5Ashley Hutchings
2ndH Curtain Up at Abbey RoadCD1£5National Symphony Orchestra
2ndH GrapevineCD1£5Miller & Morse
2ndH Impropriety 2CD1£6Roguery
2ndH Old FriendsCD1£5MGM Reunion
2ndH Strong RootsCD£5Bare Necessities
2ndH Invitation to WaltzCD1£5Bare Necessities
2ndH Fast FriendsCD1£5Bare Necessities
2ndH Barn DanceCD1£5English Country Dance Band
2ndH The South WindCD1£5Bursledon Village Band
2ndH Live from Dan's HallCD1£5Dancehall Players
2ndH Kentish HopsCD1£5Ring O' Bells
2ndH Kickin' Up The SawdustCD1£5Ashley Hutchings
2ndH Belle of the Contra DanceCD1£5Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra
2ndH Listen to the MockingbirdCD1£5NEDM
2ndH Old Hat MusicCD1£5Katie's Quartet
2ndH Op Goede VoetCD1£5Vitriool
2ndH Free SpiritCD1£5Scottish Dance Music
2ndH The Bonds of HarmonyCD1£5Hudson Crossing
2ndH FlipsideCD1£5Orion's Ring
2ndH A Few for FunCD1£5Orion's Ring
2ndH UpstreamCD1£5The Bismarcks
2ndH HeydaysCD1£5Hart & Prior
2ndH 21 More Stomps from the SwampsCD1£5Kings of Cajun Vol 2
2nfH Promise of SpringCD1£5Various (Thomson music)
2ndH Fire On!CD1£5Blazin' Fiddles
2ndH The Fire AflameCD1£5Molloy, Keane & O'Flynn
2ndH Traditional British Dance music for SchoolsCD1£5Pandemonium
2ndH Old World Cafe MusicCD1£53rd String Trio
2ndH Musical AllsortsCD1£5The Yetties
2ndH MeanlidsCD1£5Kalyx
2ndH Rejoice and Be MeryCD1£5The Yetties
2ndH The Swan Necked ValveCD1£5Alistair Brown
2ndH Moonlight SerenadeCD1£5Andre Rieu
2ndH Daddy FoxCD1£5Three Pressed Men
2ndH Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra with Dudley LaufmanCD1£5Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra
2ndH RambleawayCD1£5The Yetties
2ndH Peace and PlentyCD1£5Local Hero
2ndH The Stockton's Wing Collectioncd1£5The Stockton's
2ndH The Slippery StickCD1£5Robichaud
2ndH Dial 1702CD1£5Hotel Palindrone
2ndH Now is the HourCD2£5The Kilfenora Ceili Band
2ndH She Waits for MeCD1£5Mike Martell
2ndH Sentimental JourneyCD1£5Susan McCann
2ndH Naked and BareCD1£5Fiddlers Bid
2ndH Keep DancingCD1£5EFDSS
2ndH Fit as a FiddleCD1£5Natalie MacMaster
2ndH Plain EnglishCD1£5Three Pressed Men
2ndH The Northumbrian Small PipesCD1£5High Level Ranters et al
2ndH ExeCD1£5Tony Rose
2ndH Steps in TimeCD1£5Klof
2ndH Old World — New DancesCD1£5The Assembly Players
2ndH Shady GroveCD1£5Strings & Things
2ndH The Dubliners CollectionCD1£5The Dubliners
2ndH Rolling Home to EnglandCD1£5The Yetties
2ndH Seventy MusiciansCD1£5Portland Megaband
2ndH A Portland Play Along SelectionCD1£5Branch, Curley & Songer
2ndH Live in ConcertCD1£5The Cornwal Fiddle Orchestra
2ndH Yetties of YesteryearCD1£5The Yetties
2ndH Wild Mountain ThymeCD1£5The Yetties
2ndH Borrowed ShoesCD1£5Polka Works
2ndH Dancing with MasqueradeCD1£5Masquerade
2ndH Al FrescoCD1£53rd String Trio
2ndH Celtic Jigs & ReelsCD1£5Glencastle Sound et al
2ndH The Best of Jimmy Shand JnrCD1£5Jimmy Shand Jnr
2ndH The Time of Our LivesCD1£5Squinty McGinty's Band
2ndH Out of the MountainsCD1£5Bluegrass various
2ndH HamnataingCD1£5Fiddlers Bid
2ndH The Old StyleCD1£5Blazin' Fiddles
2ndH Irish Country FavouritesCD1£5Various
2ndH Scunner's KitchenCD1£5Tam O'Shanter
2ndH The Regency BallroomCD1£5Spare Parts
2ndH MiscellanyCD1£5Micellany
2ndH Heatin' up the HallCD1£5Yankee Ingenuity
2ndH Nothing at allCD1£5Jigfoot
2ndH The IntroductionCD1£5Foxfire
2ndH Stocking FillersCD1£5Belshazzar's Feast
2ndH The Music of Seattle's Wnglish Country BallCD1£5Limeyland Band and guests
2ndH The Dances of Pat ShawCD1£5Kenton Ramblers
2ndH Ticket to NowhereCD1£5Stingrays
2ndH Smoke on the WaterBk1£2Bob Dalsemer
2ndH Handing Onpamphlet1£0.10D & H Kennedy
2ndH Folk Dances from many Landsbk1£2PE Association
2ndH A Dozen and 1pamphlet1£0.10Ron Beeson
2ndH Pat Shaw Collection book 1bk2£1ed. M Fennessey
2ndH Country Cousinsbk1£5John F Putnam
2ndH Legacy 50 years of Dance and SongBk1£8ed. Alison Thompson
2ndH The Blackburne Tunes, together with dancesbk1£1Ron Coxall
2ndH Seven Midland Dancesbk2£1Sibyl Clark
2ndH Country Dance Book, New Seriesbk1£1EFDSS
2ndH Playford with a Difference vol 1bk1£2Colin Hume
2ndH Twenty Four Early American Dancesbk1£1James E Morrison
2ndH The Other Blackburne Tunesbk1£1Ron Coxall
2ndH Partners All, Places Allbk1£5Miriam H Kirkell
2ndH Dance Searchbk0£3ed. C. Hume
2ndH New Dances for Oldbk1£2Colin Hume
2ndH Squares with a Differencebk1£2Colin Hume
2ndH Squares with a Difference vol 2bk1£2Colin Hume
2ndH Dances with a Difference vol 1bk1£1Colin Hume
2ndH Dances with a Difference vol 2bk1£1Colin Hume
2ndH Dances with a Difference vol 3bk1£1Colin Hume
2ndH Dances with a Difference vol 4bk1£1Colin Hume
2ndH Dances with a Difference vol 5bk1£2Colin Hume
2ndH Amy Croters Go Square vol 1Bk1£1Kim Smith
2ndH Not Quite The Samebk1£2John Stapledon
2ndH Not Quite Dutchbk1£2John Stapledon
2ndH Still Not Quite Playfordbk1£2John Stapledon
2ndH Not Quite Goldbk1£2John Stapledon
2ndH Hudson Barn 2bk1£2Cornelius
2ndH Sheffield Write a dance comp 2001bk1£0.10FISY — various
2ndH Twelve Country Dancesbk1£1EFDSS
2ndH Night of the Fightbk1£1Martyn Harvey
2ndH Not Quite Shawbk1£2Eccles
2ndH Playford Plusbk1£2Eccles
2ndH Leipziger Folksblatterbk1£1Folkklub Leipzig
2ndH Music Supplement to the West Kirby Tapesbk1£1Stapledon
2ndH Elements of English Country Dancebk1£1Hugh Stewart
2ndH Dutch Crossingbk1£1Dini Krug
2ndH An Enchanted Place and other dancesbk1£2Anthony Heywood
2ndH Fiddles on Firebk1£1Meechan
2ndH Troyl 3bk1£1Merv & Davey
2ndH Dance to the Music of Timebk1£4Heywood
2ndH Barn Dance Selectionbk1£0.10Meechan
2ndH Hilary's Humours 2bk1£3Hilary Herbert
2ndH Hilary's Humours 3bk1£3Hilary Herbert
2ndH Hilary's Humours 4bk1£3Hilary Herbert
2ndH 2.Do-it-Yourselfbk1£0.10Kennedy
2ndH Dancing Musiciansbk1£2Shirley Bunting
2ndH Kentucky Running Setbk1£1Hugh Stewart
2ndH Scandinavian Dances — 2nd seriesbk1£0.10PE of UK
2ndH Scandinavian Dances — 3rd Seriesbk1£0.10PE of UK
2ndH Margaret's Momentoesbk1£2M Franklin
2ndH High 5 from High Jenksbk1£1Chadband
2ndH What's New?bk1£2Bolton
2ndH People and Placesbk1£1C Bolton
2ndH Dances for a Partybk1£1EFDSS
2ndH Folk Group Dances — book 2bk1£1C & C Club
2ndH Folk Group Dances — Book 3bk1£1C & C Club
2ndH A Frist Set for as many as willbk1£0.10Chadbund
2ndH Just for Funbk1£1Trapnell & Beeson
2ndH Down back o' t' Shoddybk1£0.10J Pilling
2ndH 25 years Dancesbk1£1C & C Club
2ndH Pat Shaw Collection — book 2 — dancesbk1£1ed. M Fennessey
2ndH Wolders Waybk1£0.10various
2ndH Airs 'n' Dancesbk1£1E Watson
2ndH Midwest Folklore and other dancesbk1£5ed E O Johnson
2ndH Twenty n' Twentybk1£2J Hoyle & J Veevers
2ndH Clog Steps for Beginnersbk1£1Hughes
2ndH Scandinavian Dancesbk1£0.10PE of UK
2ndH Calculated Figuresbk1£3Roodman
2ndH Additional Calculated Figuresbk1£3Roodman
2ndH Sum Further Calculated Figuresbk1£3Roodman
2ndH Multiple Calculated Figuresbk1£3Roodman
2ndH A Number of Calculated Figuresbk1£3Roodman
2ndH A Finite Set of Calculated Figuresbk1£3Roodman
2ndH Prime Calculated Figuresbk1£3Roodman
2ndH Odd Calculated Figuresbk1£3Roodman
2ndH Even Odder Calculated Figuresbk1£3Roodman
2ndH A Group of Calculated Figuresbk2£3Roodman
2ndH A Sequence of Calculated Figuresbk1£3Roodman
2ndH Good Friendsbk1£2Roodman
2ndH Strong Rootsbk1£2Cornelius & Attanasio
2ndH New Shootsbk1£2Cornelius & Attanasio
2ndH Fast Friendsbk1£2Cornelius & Attanasio
2ndH Band Callbk1£1ed D Darke
2ndH The Cook & The Waitress — Have been busy againbk1£1J Hill
2ndH I said the Wrong Thing Therebk1£3Bonny Sartin
2ndH Round Robinbk1£3C Bolton
2ndH The Country Dance Book (3 books, parts 1 to 6)bk1£10C J Sharp
Country Dance Tunes. Sets III-VIII, X & XIbk1£5C. J Sharp
2ndH The Country Dance Book. Parts 1 & 2bk1£3C. J. Sharp
2ndH The Country Dance Book. Parts 3 & 4bk1£4C J Sharp
2ndH Community Dances Manuals (Books 1 to 6)bk1£5EFDSS
2ndH Community Dances Manuals (books 1 to 4)bk1£3EFDSS
2ndH English Dances books 1 and 2 + 4 separate dance sheetsbk2£2EFDSS
2ndH Folk School Song Bookbk1£5Nance-Smith & Day
2ndH Traditional Folksongs & Ballads of Scotlandbk1£2J Loesberg
2ndH Barn Dance Partybk1£1Ring o Bells
2ndH The Country Dance Book (Part IV and Part VI)bk1£2C J Sharp
2ndH Discovering English Folk Dancebk1£0.10High Rippon
2ndH Fifty Old English Folk Dance Airs for solo descant recorderbk1£0.10E Hunt
2ndH Wessex Tune Book (vol 1)bk1£0.10Schott
2ndH Field and Furrowbk1£1T Wales
2ndH Crossing Cascadesbk1£2M Richardson
2ndH Scandinavian Dance Music — 2nd seriesbk1£1PE of UK
2ndH The Tyne Flows Onbk1£1Colin Wallace
2ndH The Willow Treebk1£2Rippon & Mallinson
2ndH Callers Choice 1bk1£0.10EFDSS
2ndH Scandinavian Dance Music — 3rd Seriesbk1£1PE of UK
2ndH Folk Dances from many landsbk1£1PE of UK
2ndH Barn Dance Guidebk1£1Skipper
2ndH Join the Bandbk1£1Wood
2ndH The Young Playerbk1£0.10Harris
2ndH The Easiest Tune Book of C/Dbk1£2Franklin-Pike
2ndH English Folk Dancing in Primary Schoolbk1£1Novello
2ndH Blue & Yellow Spaghettibk1£2Alan Davies
2ndH Half Centurybk1£1Ian Whitehead
2ndH Impropriety 2bk1£5Friendly & Sackett
2ndH Callers Choice 2bk1£0.10EFDSS
2ndH A Selection of Collected Folk-Songs vol 1bk1£0.10Sharp & Vaughan-Williams
2ndH The Corriesbk1£2Browne & Williamson
2ndH A Few for FunBK1£5Webster
2ndH Norfolk Capersbk1£5Peggy Hazell
2ndH Dance, then, Wherever you may be (Joan Winsor)bk1£2Joan Winsor
2ndH A Few for My Friends and a few in returnbk1£2Webster
2ndH Fringe Benefitsbk1£5De Metz Herman
2ndH Snookeredbk1£1Peggy Hazell
2ndH Traditional British and Other Dancesbk1£2Diana Jewitt
2ndH From a Beligian Yankee Callerbk1£5Philippe Callen
2ndH A Consice Flore for Danersbk1£1Jan Dale
2ndH Thompson Revisitedbk1£5ed. Boyd Rothenberger
2ndH Rig a Jig Jigbk + CD1£5Mike Jackson
2ndH Berea College Alumni Country Dancers Tour 1996bk1£2Berea College Alumni
2ndH Gemsbk1£5Various
2ndH Hoedown Saturday Nightbk1£1Ring o Bells
2ndH Ceilidh Saturday Nightbk1£1Ring o Bells
2ndH Barn Dance Hoedownbk1£1Ring o Bells
2ndH A Tribute to Raybk1£2Ray Goulding
2ndH Flora Janicabk1£2Jan Dale
2ndH Eight Times Six of the Bestbk1£2John Daglish
2ndH Spoil the Brothbk1£3Tom Cook
2ndH Belgian Boutadesbk£3Philippe Callen
2ndH More Pure Invention — Square Dancebk1£2Mogens Hansen
2ndH Retreads vol 5bk1£1Charles Bolton
2ndH Kentucky Mountain Square Dancing — Running Setbk1£1EFDSS
2ndH Further Flights of Fancybk1£3Wendy Crouch
2ndH From Two Barns. Vol 10bk1£2Ken Sheffield
2ndH A Collection of Thinking Dancesbk1£2Jan Dale
2ndH Diamond Anniversary — Stafford FDCbk1£1Stafford FDC
2ndH Captains Ceilidhbk1£1Butler, Borwn & Saunders